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Best AFL betting sites ✔️ Australian Football League bookmakers

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    Through a ranking system and serious and consolidated standards, we make a point of evaluating the best authorized betting sites in Australia. This information will not only allow you to have access to the best bonuses, but also to the best conditions to make the best sports bets online.

    Updated: 2024-02-13

    Football, or the footy, is one of the most prominent sports disciplines in Australia. The main professional league for men’s football is named AFL, which is an abbreviation that stands for Australian Football League. It is far from surprising that there are numerous active AFL betting sites that accept players from Australia. The league was founded in 1896, and back in the day, it was known as the Victorian Football League. At present time, AFL consists of 18 teams in total. Ten of them are in Victoria, and there are two teams in each of the following states:

    All AFL competitions are administered by the AFL Commission, which is the main governing body of the professional football league in Australia. The list of AFL grounds is quite long, but the most spectacular one on the list is certainly the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Victoria. In fact, this is actually the place where every AFL final is held. The winning club in the AFL Finals is awarded the premiership cup, and it is also named the premiers.

    Another thing that’s quite crucial when it comes to football in Australia is the fact that the football there has certain specificities you need to get familiar with before joining any of the AFL betting sites. First and foremost, the playing ground is enormous; it equals approximately the size of two normal playing fields. Secondly, the number of players in each team is 18, and there are extra footballers as well. In addition to this, an AFL game consists of four quarters, and the game allows for playing with one’s legs and hands.

    Australian bettors surely do enjoy other sports, such as cricket, tennis, rugby, volleyball, and so on. Nonetheless, none of these is as exhilarating as Australian football. Those who enjoy bookmaker online betting certainly do enjoy the opportunity to access a number of licensed AFL betting sites where they can try out their luck.

    In the paragraphs below, information with respect to the best trustworthy online gambling websites that allow for betting on Australian football will be provided. Additionally, we will also share if there are any AFL betting sites where users can watch live streams of the most anticipated AFL events. And lastly, you’ll also find several useful tips when it comes to AFL betting.

    Top AFL betting sites in Australia

    As aforementioned, Australian football is a favourite among thousands of Australians. No matter how many sports betting markets a platform may offer, the one dedicated to AFL events always gets the most attention. To keep customers’ interest and enthusiasm levels high, the majority of operators give them a chance to place AFL bets even when the season is still inactive.

    In other words, when the AFL Grand Final comes to an end, punters will be given the opportunity to make further predictions associated with the next AFL season, such as who will be the winner and so on. Although this is considered a bit riskier by many users, these markets still seem to be quite fascinating to many Australian bettors.

    Additionally, the best AFL betting sites feature exclusive promotions released exclusively for all fans of the discipline. They, however, are usually valid only during the course of the season. Sometimes these promotions may apply to certain bet types only, which means it’s important to pay special attention to the offer’s terms and conditions.

    A few of the most popular bet types include First Goal Scorer, Premiership Winner, Total Game Points, Moneyline, and Point Spread. These are available on all top-rated AFL betting sites, and players are permitted to either place single or combined bets. One thing to keep in mind is that you should always bet on licensed betting websites to avoid any potential fraud or disappointment.

    Plus, paying attention to the provided odds is quite essential, as well. The higher the odds, the better. Also, consider the supported options when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals. After all, every punter has different preferences. Last but not least, ensure that the respective platform is mobile-friendly. This way, you’ll be able to gamble whenever you want, regardless of your location.

    And now, it is time to list some of the best AFL betting sites Australian bettors may join. All of them allow registered customers to place various types of bets on AFL games. Please, be advised that reading the full terms and conditions of each operator is very important.

    Best AFL betting apps

    Nowadays, a huge number of gamblers prefer to bet via their smartphones. That’s not surprising considering how convenient it is to place real money bets whenever you want, without conforming to your location. However, to do so, you should be registered on one of the several mobile-friendly AFL betting sites, or you should download an AFL best bet App Australia. No matter which option you pick, you will most certainly have zero trouble making your bet.

    The truth is that most operators do not focus on creating a separate mobile application. Instead, they strive to optimize their platforms so that they’re fully accessible via all smart devices, including phones, tablets, and iPads. If particular AFL betting sites are mobile-friendly, this would mean that they will be responsive on both Android and iOS gadgets.

    On the other hand, there are bookies that not only make their sites optimized but also release mobile applications. Most AFL betting apps are not large in size and are usually quite simple to use. Customers are permitted to bet on all available AFL markets, and they can also claim any bonus that is available on the official website of the operator. Sometimes, players may be presented with an exclusive mobile-only offer.

    Licensed bookmakers guarantee full protection of users’ personal data, as well as overall security, thanks to the numerous safety measures adopted by them. Mobile AFL betting surely has its perks. Not only will gamblers have the opportunity to gamble at a time convenient for them, but they’ll also get to be the first ones to place a bet on the latest markets added to the AFL section. Additionally, mobile-optimized AFL betting sites and AFL apps permit users to make deposits and withdrawals at any time.

    Free AFL streaming betting sites

    As some of you probably know, live betting is not permitted in Australia according to the gambling laws. This means that bettors are not allowed to place bets on events that are being played at the moment. Nevertheless, the IGA does not forbid players to bet on offshore AFL betting sites. In other words, consumers have the right to bet on live games on offshore sites, as long as the respective operator holds a valid Australian license. In any other case, this particular activity is prohibited.

    Even though users will not be able to watch live streams of AFL events, they can still follow the progress of the game online. That is definitely considered a huge benefit by the majority of bettors because this way, they can keep an eye on the game’s course throughout the entire time. Plus, they will not need to switch between different websites all the time. Instead, they can simply stay on the respective page and follow the scores and the stats of the particular football game.

    A major advantage of streaming sites is that bettors are able to watch the respective game no matter where they are at the current moment. Simply put, they won’t have to face the restriction of staying in their homes to watch the game on their TVs. Instead, they can open the betting site, log in to their account, and access the live streaming page. As we have previously stated, however, at present, there are no AFL betting sites that offer live streaming of AFL matches.

    As an alternative, you can look for a streaming-only website. Such platforms allow customers to watch various sports events directly via their smart devices. Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that the majority of live streaming sites may require visitors to pay a predefined subscription fee to gain access to the service. Luckily, most of the time these fees are quite minimal, which is one of the reasons why so many people choose to make use of such sites.

    AFL pro betting tips

    Before registering on any of the aforementioned AFL betting sites, it is quite important to get familiar with certain betting tips that will definitely be of great help if you lack previous experience.

    Firstly, it is highly recommended you get acquainted with the footy’s main rules. Additionally, every bettor should learn about the different types of bets present on the respective website. This way, they’ll be able to make better predictions.

    Many experts suggest users choose single rather than multiple bets. Even though the latter’s outcomes may be phenomenal, they can also be equally devastating. As most of you probably know, when a punter places a multiple bet, all of his predictions should be correct in order for him to win. Otherwise, they’ll lose their entire stake.

    And lastly, make sure you watch enough AFL games so that you’ll be able to make the right choice. Do not hesitate to conduct your own research, gathering information provided by experienced bettors. Additionally, do not neglect the benefits social media offers. That is the best place you can get the latest news from. For instance, if one of the best players gets injured and announces he won’t play, this will surely impact the whole team’s performance. Therefore, you may have to reconsider your initial stake.

    No matter which one of the many dependable AFL betting sites you choose, make sure you follow all of the afore-given tips. They will help you come up with a strategy conformable to your budget and preferences as a punter.


    Below, you can find relevant answers to several common inquiries regarding the football betting industry in Australia. We believe each one of you will be able to find the information they’re looking for.

    Where can I bet on AFL?

    As mentioned in the beginning, there are numerous AFL betting sites that permit customers to place bets on events from the Australian Football League. To have the best gambling experience, however, users are advised to carefully investigate each one of them in order to choose the platform that features all markets and potential offers they’re interested in. All AFL betting sites listed here hold valid licenses, which is completely crucial when it comes to interactive gambling in Australia.

    What is the best site for football betting?

    There are numerous platforms where people can place real money bets on football. One of the top picks among bettors is definitely PalmerBet, but the list of available options includes many more licensed bookmakers. Before you join any sports betting site, we encourage you to make sure that it is fully licensed by the respective authorities. Additionally, do not neglect the importance of checking out the odds offered by the bookmaker before placing a bet.

    Which new betting site 2024 is the best in Australia?

    Every active punter in Australia has different preferences when it comes to choosing a betting site. Thus, the best sports betting site for each of them may be different. Nonetheless, the AFL betting sites listed in one of the previous paragraphs certainly suit the liking of most betting enthusiasts. They are all completely trustworthy, feature numerous AFL markets, and are mobile-friendly. The latter is quite crucial for punters who like to play outside their homes.

    Can I bet on AFL?

    Australians are legally allowed to bet on AFL. Even though live betting on AFL is not permitted, users can still place bets on upcoming events. Not only are they able to bet on games that’ll take place in a week, for example, but they can also try out their luck with matches that will occur in the next AFL season. This practice is quite common among Australian bettors.