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Table of contents
    Meet our author
    Betting expert Elizabeth Winnie

    Through a ranking system and serious and consolidated standards, we make a point of evaluating the best authorized betting sites in Australia. This information will not only allow you to have access to the best bonuses, but also to the best conditions to make the best sports bets online.

    Updated: 2024-02-13

    BPAY - is a Made in Australia payment method, initially launched back in 1997. Initially, this payment method served as an electronic option for bill payment, but as the years passed and various technological innovations took place, BPAY found an outlet in other areas as well.

    One of these is online gambling: in fact, there are plenty of BPAY betting sites that will allow you to deposit money through this convenient option.

    We would like to inform you right away that since it is an electronic payment method designed primarily for utility payments, you will not be able to use BPAY as a withdrawal option.

    Our research showed that BPAY is managed by Card link Services Limited, which, in turn, is managed by the major Australian banks, namely, Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, and the National Australia Bank.

    Before we go on to look specifically at the use of this payment methodology at betting sites, we thought we would provide you with some additional information on how BPAY works.

    In order to properly use this payment option, customers must first ensure that the payee is a customer of an Australian financial institution properly registered for the services offered by BPAY.

    After doing so, the person wishing to pay via BPAY will be required to enter the BPAY invoice number, the payment amount, and the reference number associated with it; in addition to this, they will also be asked for a debit account, which may also consist of a credit card (although not all financial institutions accept them).

    In order to ensure the security of all transactions, an SMS containing a confirmation code may be sent when making a payment via BPAY. The user will be required to enter it in the appropriate field to actually confirm the transaction.

    Best BPAY betting sites in Australia

    Let's now get into the meat of our article and look at what, according to our team of experts, are currently the best 10 BPAY betting sites in Australia:

    1. TopSport
    2. Ladbrokes
    3. Betstar
    4. Neds
    5. Play Lottery Online
    7. PlayUp
    9. Palmerbet
    10. RobWaterhouse

    Membership to all of these sites is completely free, but you should still keep in mind that bet sites new may ask for proof of your identity before allowing you to bet for real money.

    Having seen some of the main features of this payment methodology, we want to shift our attention to how to choose a good BPay betting site that is first and foremost safe and legal, but at the same time succeeds in keeping you entertained.

    Check that the site is secure and licensed

    One of the first parameters you should go and check when choosing a BPay betting site is to check that such a site is indeed regulated by a legal licence. To do this, you will just need to log into the home page of the site you choose and scroll down so that you can find all the information about the partnerships and entities that have regulated that platform.

    In case you cannot find any information about regulation or licence, then it is most likely a scam site, and therefore we do not recommend you proceed with the registration.

    Data protection

    This is one of the most important features that a good BPay site should possess.

    In fact, all sensitive data entered by players should be protected, which is precisely why these platforms make use of SSL software.

    This software goes to encrypt all sensitive information, making hacker attacks virtually impossible.

    Therefore, when you go to enter BPay data to make your deposit, you can be 100% sure that no one will come into possession of that data.

    Helpful and responsive customer support

    In case you encounter any kind of problem, Customer Support is the only one who will be able to help you solve it.

    For this reason, our Experts recommend that you always ask Customer Support a few questions before you register, so you can see the professionalism and speed of response.

    How to make a deposit via BPAY

    Let's go into even more detail now, and see what steps need to be followed in order to properly make a deposit via BPAY within online bookmakers.

    1. The very first thing to do is to find a betting site that fully supports BPAY as a payment option. Once you have found one, you can proceed to register with the site
    2. When you have your verified game account, you will need to go to the Deposits section and click on "BPAY"
    3. Here you will be asked to enter the amount of money you would like to deposit into your account
    4. In order to confirm the transaction, you will need to enter all the required BPAY details related to your account

    And that's it! Be forewarned, however, that it may take one to three business days before you actually see your funds credited.

    As for deposit limitations, however, we have found that, potentially, there is no maximum deposit limit if you decide to use BPAY.

    In any case, each betting site will decide to impose its own limits, which is why we recommend that you research more information about your chosen platform.

    To give a practical example, on most of the sites we have analysed and presented in this guide, the minimum deposit via BPay is $10; other sites, however, raise this minimum limit to as much as $25.

    Withdraw from your account via BPAY

    Nevertheless, there is some bad news for those who thought they could withdraw any winnings via BPAY.

    As we anticipated at the beginning of our article, BPAY can be exploited only and exclusively for depositing money to your gaming account.

    At the time of publication of this article, therefore, it will not be possible to make any kind of withdrawal via this option.

    BPAY fees

    From our research, it turns out that if you are not a financial institution, there are no fees when using BPAY to bet online.

    For the sake of the record, BPAY goes to charge 26.95 cents (regardless of the amount) per transaction, but only if you make payments between financial institutions.

    BPAY advantages and disadvantages

    To wrap up our article today, we asked our experts to write a list of Pros and Cons that users can expect to encounter when using BPAY on best Australian sports betting sites.


    • One of the safest methods: Security takes centre stage with BPAY. In addition to being a certified option, BPAY has decided to add an extra layer of security by sending an SMS with a confirmation code to authorise transactions.
    • Easy to use: BPAY is very simple to use, as we have seen. You will only need to enter your account details and the amount you want to deposit.
    • One of the most popular options in Australia: BPAY, as we have seen, is not limited to being an exclusive payment method for online betting. Each year it is used by thousands of Australians to pay their bills.


    • Unable to withdraw: The biggest Cons we encountered during our testing phase is the inability to withdraw money via BPAY.
    • Payment method quite slow: Do not expect to see your funds credited immediately. With BPAY, it will take one to three business days before the transaction is actually processed.

    BPay betting bonuses

    Another very important parameter that our Experts go to check when analysing betting sites consists of the portfolio of Promotions and Bonuses.

    After some research, we have managed to compile a list of what, currently, are the most common types of promotional offers you will be able to find:

    • Welcome Bonus - In the vast majority of cases, a BPay betting site's Welcome Bonus is the most sensationalistic and highest reward of all. As the name implies, however, it is reserved exclusively for players who decide to sign up for the first time on such a platform. Before you sign up for a Welcome Bonus with your eyes closed, we advise you to pay close attention to the Terms and Conditions of such an offer, so that you can avoid collecting a Bonus that you will not be able to take advantage of 100%.
    • No Deposit Bonuses - Of all the major types of promotional offers, the No Deposit Bonus certainly represents the most popular one among bettors. For those who do not know what we are talking about, a No Deposit Bonus consists of free cash, with no need to reload your account. You will also be able to get some interesting winnings from this bonus, which is why bettors love it so much. In any case, you will still have to pay attention to the T&Cs and wagering requirements present, in order to avoid "burning" this opportunity offered to you.
    • Deposit Bonus - The most common type of promotional offer that you will be able to find on this type of site, is the Deposit Bonus. As the name implies, this is very simply an additional Bonus on the reload you are going to make on your gaming account. To give a practical example, if the Bonus is 100% on your deposit, and you decide to deposit $100, you will end up with $200 on your gaming account. Again, there will be wagering requirements to be met to make the bonus real and therefore withdrawable.
    • Cashback Bonus - The last main type of Bonus we managed to unearth in BPay betting sites is the Cashback Bonus. This is a refund (usually calculated as a percentage or upon reaching a predetermined amount set by the Operator) that will cover part of your losses, accumulated over a given period of time. This is perhaps one of the most convenient Bonuses for bettors to take advantage of, since T&Cs are, usually, quite simple to follow and comply with.

    Responsible Gaming on BPay betting sites

    Since our article has focused on a payment methodology, we take for granted the fact that you are going to play with real money during your betting experience.

    This fact leads to a key point to consider when you want to place bets online: Responsible Gaming.

    Playing responsibly means being aware that you will be able to win as well as lose a lot of money. Under no circumstances should one chase one's losses, to try to make up for what has been burned up to that point.

    Gambling was in fact created with the intention of going to entertain people, and for that reason it should be, in any case, seen as a hobby, and never as a method of getting rich or as a method of making a living.

    In case you present any of the symptoms of ludopathy or gambling addiction (anxiety while gambling, lack of control over one's finances, borrowing from family or friends to gamble, etc...), we advise you to stop gambling immediately and seek help from one of the many Associations (national and international) that specialise in treating this category of "fragile and compulsive" gamblers.


    What is BPAY?

    BPAY is an electronic payment method, initially designed to allow easier bill payment, but later converted to an option to deposit funds to one's online gambling account.

    What are the deposit timelines if you use BPAY?

    If you decide to use BPAY as your payment method, you will have to wait one to three business days before you actually see your funds credited.

    Withdrawals can also be made via BPAY?

    No. At the time of writing this article, withdrawals cannot be made using this option.

    Is it safe to use BPAY at online betting sites?

    Absolutely. BPAY is one of the safest ways to deposit online. As we mentioned in our article, you will be sent an SMS with a confirmation code, so it adds an extra layer of security.