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Through a ranking system and serious and consolidated standards, we make a point of evaluating the best authorized betting sites in Australia. This information will not only allow you to have access to the best bonuses, but also to the best conditions to make the best sports bets online.

By now, most players should be familiar with the fact that two of the most important features of online gambling are accessibility and speed of processing, anonymity coming in a close second. Services like ClickAndBuy betting sites are made exactly for those purposes.

Namely, ClickAndBuy is an online payment processor, akin to Neteller or PayPal. They are owned by the German Deutsche Telekom and are picking up quite a bit of steam with the platform because of its quality and the reach the service can have.

There are multiple secondary benefits to using ClickAndBuy betting sites, but the three primary ones are:

  • Faster buy-in
  • Faster withdrawal
  • Secured personal information

Namely, unlike services like PayPal, with ClickAndBuy you don’t need to provide personal information to the betting operator. Rather, the operator trusts the processor to make all the checks and will just let you play with your username.

Especially for people who would prefer to keep their entertainment under wraps, or to use multiple operators without the need to disclose private information, this is a perfect option.

The fact that this type of sports betting virtually removes the boundary between your account and your betting account is just a bonus. The moment you get your money to your betting account you can use it for something else just seconds later.

Regretfully, ClickAndBuy ultimately folded in August 2016 and isn't currently active, but the page remains and might be back in the future.

Who owns ClickAndBuy?

ClickAndBuy is owned by CBS GmbH, which is a specialized consultancy company for SAP and S/4HANA under Deutsche Telekom. This brings confidence for several reasons, the least of which is the financial stability of the company due to its backing.

Primarily, DT is a company with a long tradition in communications and technology and there is little question if ClickAndBuy was going to work well from the start. Generally speaking, the same people who did telecommunication for the entirety of Germany were in charge of making this app as well.

Additionally, there is a whole list of partners that ClickAndBuy inherited from their parent company. This means that from the beginning you were able to buy virtually anything through your ClickAndBuy account, on the level of what you might do with PayPal.

Finally, there are very beneficial laws governing the work of ClickAndBuy under German and EU laws. For instance, they fall under the GDPR which prevents the collection and misuse of personal information.

That aspect shouldn’t be overlooked because your sports betting is always connected to your finances, and you want that to be secured at all times. By playing in ClickAndBuy sports betting platforms you can disclose only your name to the platform with all of the other data being blocked.

ClickAndBuy betting sites

Because of its security both for the players and the platforms, ClickAndBuy betting sites quickly adopted the practice and started allowing everyone to buy in with this service. At the moment, five platforms stand above the rest:

  • 888Sport
  • MELbet
  • William Hill
  • 1xBet
  • Bet365

Although the service will work with any new bet site that is on-boarded, we have found that these websites are the fastest to process the payment and have you playing virtually in minutes. Also, they are the fastest to withdraw, which also takes no time.

This is all because the money isn't changing hands when you click. Rather, the betting operator and the service trust each other and know that the transfer will happen at some point. And, because of that, they can place money in your account that will pass only later.

But, for the players, this isn’t an issue. Once your money is with ClickAndBuy it is accounted for and you should be able to use it. What happens in the back end is none of your business and the only thing that should matter is how convenient the service is to you.

Which sites accept ClickAndBuy?

ClickAndBuy is often called the European PayPal because it is so widespread contrary to its young age. At the moment, more than sixteen thousand online businesses use the service in multiple industries such as retail, e-commerce, and entertainment.

Through your ClickAndPlay account, you can pay for things like Apple App Store, or games on EA Sports such as FIFA. And the fees are usually less than what PayPal offers for most services, especially the ones coming from Europe.

For ClickAndBuy sports betting sites, accepting the service was just common sense because it is so reliable and so widespread. Additionally, it removes the need for players to withdraw their winnings the moment they get them because they know that they are as good as theirs and that they won't need to wait a few days for processing.

Although the last seems like a positive only for the operators, it is also a positive for the players. Fewer withdrawals mean less overhead and that always leads to better and more frequent bonuses.

Additionally, because withdrawals are so quick and you know you can access your money if you need it, it can be easier to deposit more and get a bigger bonus right off the bat. With such advantages, depositing through ClickAndBuy will only get better and more lucrative.

How to deposit via ClickAndBuy

Depositing with ClickAndBuy sports betting operators is very easy. Compared to other payment processors it is considerably faster and more reliable. Not to mention that there is only one place where you will need to fill out your financial data as there are no credit cards involved.

First of all, you will need to have a registration with the betting operator of your choice. But, unlike regular deposits, when using ClickAndBuy sports betting websites you don’t need to confirm your payment first before you play.

Once you have your username and passwords, select the option to deposit with ClickAndBuy and the amount you want and simply click the ‘’buy’’ button. The money will be in your betting account virtually instantly.

To do so, you will also need to have a ClickAndBuy account, as well as funds on it. This process takes slightly more time as you will need to connect the service with a credit card or a bank account and deposit some money into it.

Thankfully, you only need to register with ClickAndBuy once. When you already have your username and password you will be able to use it with only a few clicks, as the name suggests. In that regard, the service resembles PayPal quite a lot.

How long do ClickAndBuy payments take

Theoretically, the payment process with ClickAndBuy should take seconds, at most. The service is completely digital and automated, with all of the funds you have on it already confirmed.

Also, because the operator trusts the service they can have your money in the account immediately and know you are good for it. Unlike credit cards or bank transfers, payments with ClickAndBuy are successful or not instantly, and you will be informed about it straight from the screen.

But, in some cases where new operators are used, there is a chance that the betting site itself won't be able to process your deposit so quickly. This is especially the case with operators that are new to online payment processors.

All of the operators from our list are in the category that will process the deposit, and the withdrawal, instantly. But, even if you opt to go outside of our list the waiting time should never exceed one hour.

Still, just to be on the safe side it might be better to inform yourself about the quality of the service beforehand. If the betting website or app has a live chat feature, use that to ask about their experience with ClickAndBuy and how quickly it is processed before you start your journey.

Deposit limits

On the side of the service, the deposit limit is whatever you have in your account. While some sudden and large transfers may be blocked for up to 24 hours because of security, they will not be prevented. In those cases, ClickAndBuy will call you to confirm that you have, in fact, wanted to deposit the amount.

But, there might be deposit limits when it comes to the bookmaker. In many cases, the operator will set a daily or monthly limit to how much you can place with them to prevent people from falling into the pitfalls of unreasonable betting.

Depending on your location and the regional preferences of the betting operator, the limit can be as little as $600 or it can be more than ten times as much. In these cases, you won't be allowed to deposit more than the amount.

Withdrawing from your betting account to ClickAndBuy

Taking money back to your account is virtually instant. For the same reason deposits are so quick so would the payments be as well and even if there are snags they would be resolved in the back end and not with you as the player.

Once you want to take money out of your betting account, you just need to go to your account details and request a withdrawal, selecting ClickAndBuy from the list when you need it.

Once you select it, the transfer will need a couple of seconds to communicate with the service and the money will be in your ClickAndBuy account. Once there, you can instantly use them for something else that you want.

Unlike deposits, the issue here doesn't exist if the operator is new or inexperienced. The service will trust that they have the money they said because they are insured. If for any reason, there is a mistake and you don't have the money in your account, it will be deducted from your ClickAndBuy account afterward, or your connected bank account.

That might be a slight issue because some banks do charge a fee for this transaction which might have been avoided otherwise.


As far as ClickAndBuy is concerned, you can withdraw as little or as much as you like. All transactions will be processed equally quickly on the income side, for all operators.

But, there are limitations that best Aussie bookmakers make on their websites and that is something you should be aware of. In most cases, the bottom limit for withdrawals is $10, the same as the lower limit for deposits.

On the higher end of the line, there might be daily limitations for all operators. In most cases, they will be around $5000, but there are now operators that allow up to $20.000 in multiple requests. These will be clearly stated with the operator and will be semi-enforced.

Namely, in most cases, if you can call the operator and inform them that you would like to withdraw more to a specific account they will honor your wishes and make a manual payment. While such a move is reserved only for the high-rollers, the option is possible and won't garner any additional charges compared to regular withdrawals.


As far as transfers between your gaming account and ClickAndBuy are concerned, there are no fees or charges to speak of.

In the past, some betting operators charged a percentage off your withdrawals each time, but for virtually all online betting operators this practice has stopped. Because they want to pull as many players as possible, you can now avoid such charges.

The only issue that might exist is if there are no funds in your ClickAndBuy account. In that case, the betting site might pull money directly from the credit card or bank account to which the service is connected.

For such transfers, there might be a credit card fee charged by the credit card company itself, and those can go up to 3.9% for both VISA and MasterCard. It is possible to prevent ClickAndBuy from doing such a transfer, but as a player, you should be warned in advance and take notice.

Finally, there might be an issue with your bonuses on the side of the betting operator. While in a lot of cases the betting account will show all available betting funds in one place, those might not be all of the available withdrawal funds. If some are not yet winnings but just bonuses, you will not be able to take them out.