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Illegal betting sites in Australia

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    Through a ranking system and serious and consolidated standards, we make a point of evaluating the best authorized betting sites in Australia. This information will not only allow you to have access to the best bonuses, but also to the best conditions to make the best sports bets online.

    Updated: 2024-02-13

    How online betting is regulated in Australia

    Australia is a great place if you want to place legal bets on sports. The Australian government has made sure to pass laws that allow you to visit websites that accept real money sports bets making it simple to enjoy all sorts of betting markets. This naturally brings up the question – if there are legal betting sites, does this mean there are some that are illegal? The short answer is yes. However, it’s more complicated than that.

    Just because a regulator based in Australia has not certified some sites, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t great bookmakers available to sports fans from the country. In fact, you will discover many online gambling services that may not be entirely regulated under Australian law but are a perfect match for what you need when want to place a bet on your favourite sporting contest. You will be pleased to know that the Interactive Gambling Act in the country exempts you from any fault and that your money is usually safe with those illegal gambling sites that are respected elsewhere around the world.

    Australian customers are in a unique position to benefit from some of the top gambling sites that offer services on sports betting. Even if they are not entirely legal in Australia, you can rest assured that they do follow international gambling laws for safety and security and provide you with services that are well on par with the best online betting agencies from around the world.

    Australia also has clear-cut ways of regulating its market. The gambling laws in the country are well-established and they enable authorities to distinguish between illegal betting sites as such and licensed operators that operate under Australian law.

    The current Gambling Act dates to 2021 and it covers wagering services such as horse races, harness races, greyhound races, sporting events, or even electronic sports. The Interactive Gambling Act is quite flexible as it makes it possible to introduce new betting contests at online gambling services without the need to enact significant changes to legislation. For example, the country allows entertainment, political and even weather bets, which are all legal in Australia.

    Best illegal betting sites

    Sports fans who are looking for the best illegal betting sites will be happy to know that there are many such options that exist currently. But why are these websites called illegal in the first place? The only shortcoming that they have in most cases is that they do not own an Australian license. Gambling operators around the world are more than happy to cater to Australian players and they often create an Australian betting site that is fully dedicated to Aussie customers in the country.

    The best websites that operate as “illegal” gambling operators are often licensed in at least several jurisdictions. They have a proven track record for providing you with awesome sports betting online and those Australian bookmakers can provide you with the best possible selections of markets, odds and even promotions. There are many factors that come into play to determine which illegal gambling sites are worth your while.

    While they lack an Australian licence, they are quite happy to offer you top-notch betting choices that make your life easy and you always have a trusted betting option to choose from. Illegal betting sites are a matter of perspective, and there are tons of such branded sites that will provide you with precisely what you need to make the best out of your betting experience. Here are several factors that are used to determine if a site is worth it.

    Reputation and bettors feedback

    The first thing to check when you are going to play at illegal betting sites is their reputation. It’s very simple – you want to make sure that your funds and your effort are placed in the right place. Because there will most likely be no Australian licence on this website, you need to see if a sportsbook really lives up to what it claims to be. This is easy because there are thousands of sports bettors who are keen on finding out the truth. Then, they are equally prepared to share their findings with fellow punters and together they can establish whether a website can be truly trusted. It’s that simple.

    Most players may find themselves researching websites and discovering whether they are good picks or not in a matter of minutes. Good bookies here are 5Dimes-eu and XBet. A good sportsbook will have its reputation precede it, but so would a bad one! We strongly recommend sticking to those that the community trusts best. You can find additional information about some of the best bookies in Australia on Reddit and Quora, as well as Punters-com-au for some additional tips.

    International regulators and auditors

    Even though a bookmaker in Australia may not have been regulated in the country, this does not mean it has not been regulated at all. First of all, you need to understand that there are numerous governing bodies, not just the Northern Territory Racing Commission. We can say that the Northern Territory Racing Commission, Liquor & Gaming NSW and Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission licenses trump all other authorities in Australia - in other words, these authorities ensure that you have access to the most reliable, trusted sports betting sites in Australia.

    Moreover, even if a bookmaker doesn't have an Aussie licence, it still may (even should) have a licence from an international regulator - this proves that a bookie complies with the laws of a particular country and its activities are monitored. Recognized and licensed websites that operate in Australia today include Xbet, Spin Sports, EveryGame Sportsbook and others.

    Outside of it, those other regulators can provide an excellent assessment of what a sportsbook has to offer. Regulators do have a vested interest in ensuring that their licenses are linked to trustworthy sportsbooks as the reputational damage can be serious. As a result, you can expect to discover internationally regulated bookmakers that still service the Australian market in a sort of a “grey area” and that are 100% trusted. Many of these illegal bookies are even connected to various responsible gambling initiatives or even hold certificates from established watchdogs to help not only bolster their reputation – but rather as a testimony of the effort they have put in to maintain fair and safe gambling for everyone.

    Variety of markets and sports covered

    A huge part of the sports betting experience is to have sufficient variety. This means that you need to pick a bookie that is fully dedicated to offering you a top selection of sports and markets that you will enjoy yourself. People who are on the lookout for the best possible sportsbooks will often find themselves picking from a selection of websites that have really gone big on all the possible markets. There are at least 30 different sports that Aussie bookies try to cover today, and this includes rugby, soccer, American football, cricket, motorsports, combat sports, tennis, golf, basketball, baseball, hockey, athletics, Olympics, and even other markets. The important thing here is not to just have the flagship events but to also look into those events that may be considered a little less prominent but are still betting on. Such events may have to do with esports, entertainment, volleyball, cricket, dog races, darts and fantasy sports. Not the busiest markets, but well covered nonetheless! Generally speaking, you want to be betting at those illegal betting sites – if you choose such – that will allow you to actually bet on numerous options. Spin Sports, EveryGame Sports, and are some excellent examples where you will find niche sports covered in great detail and throughout all available markets.

    Fairly priced odds and value betting

    It’s very important to find yourself a sportsbook that will make you 100% sure that the odds listed there are priced fairly and with respect to what you need as a sports bettor in Australia. To find such bookies is not too difficult these days as there are most sports betting operators out there that live to deliver the best possible experience for you. This includes price odds and fixtures that will make it very easy for you to enjoy any type of gameplay out there as well.

    The most important thing is for you to try and determine the probability of a sporting contest. Is Team A favoured to win and if so, why is the bookmaker giving that team worse odds? Is it a miscalculation or something else? Effectively, you want odds that realistically reflect the probability of one team winning over another. It’s good to have the habit of looking around for odds and comparing to see if your chosen bookie lives up to that standard. Good examples of bookies with spot-on odds are Xbet, TopBet and Mybookie-ag.

    Players who are excited about placing a value bet will often find such options just waiting for them at sportsbooks. You should still do some looking around and always compare bookie odds across one another. Most trusted bookmakers will display their odds for free and without the need for registration so you can always get a preliminary read of what to expect. It’s usually recommended to always check the odds across several bookmakers and possibly hold two or three bookmaking accounts. This way you can bet with the sportsbook that is offering you the best odds.

    Good selection of sports betting promotions

    The next important thing to check out when looking for an awesome bookie in Australia is to see if they offer you a good number of bonuses. Now, Australian bookies do not actually advertise their bonuses too much because of the existing laws that prohibit licensed operators to talk about bonuses prior to registration, but those that do not necessarily operate under Australian law will find it a bit easier to advertise.

    The thing here is that you need not go after the bookie with the biggest bonus. Rather, you need to focus on a sportsbook where you will be able to feel comfortable about placing a bet and claiming a bonus that allows you to wager through the playthrough requirements. For example, you need a bookie that provides you with a great selection of promos as well. This could be in the form of a sign-up no deposit, a risk-free wager, or something completely different as well.

    Sports fans can get acquainted with available options and see for themselves what bonuses make the most sense. The terms and conditions of a bonus are important - you want to have it written in black and write what the rollover requirement is. The best bookies should come with a x1 rollover for your deposit bonus. Remember that all good bookies have clear T&Cs of their bonusing rules. We recommend checking out or Xbet for some excellent examples of what great bonus terms look like.

    Knowledgeable and trusted customer support

    Customer support has another important role. That is why we only trust sportsbooks that have excellent customer support that will live up to your expectations. Knowledgeable customer support is quite important, and that is why bookies such as Bovada Australia, and BetOnline are always uppermost in our minds. We strongly recommend that you stick with an option that works for you and that allows you to quickly get your bearings on any newest online bookmakers you explore. Customer support need not be not only the quickest. For example, some bookies offer 24/7, but most of them often stick to working hours, including weekends. Phone support isn’t always available, but you may mostly rely on live chat and email, which are equally helpful and will help you sort out all you need.

    Mobile platform and dedicated Apps available

    Another important aspect of the experience to consider is to see if there is an actual mobile sports betting platform. The way you will find dedicated apps is by sticking with licensed gambling sites in the first place. This means any entity that has been licensed by an Australian regulator. The ones that offer some of the top apps include Xbet and Spin Sports. Players who are keen to explore the best sports betting experience will most likely expect the betting sites they trust to provide them with a great mobile option. There are even apps that you can use. Now, the downside about apps is that if a sportsbook is not licensed in Australia, you may not have the iOS app available. This is no problem because you can still access the site and enjoy it if you choose to open it from your Safari browser, which is just as well and will make the experience spot-on and care-free for most players out there.

    Payment methods and why they matter

    There are numerous payment methods that make a lot of sense to use at the most popular Aussie sportsbooks out there. Some of the most popular ones include credit and debit cards, e-wallets, ACH transfers, PayNearMe, Wire transfers, and especially Bitcoin and even cash at actual retail sportsbooks. There is no doubt that Xbet and are some of the best sportsbooks in Australia when it comes to sorting individual payments. Cashouts are quick and processed within 1-3 business days, depending on the payment method used, with Bank Wires usually stretching up to 5 business days!

    Which online gambling services are illegal?

    Legality is only a matter of whether the available sports betting online sites have received a license from an established licensing body. For example, a website that operates in Australia and does not have a license from the Northern Territory Racing Commission may be deemed illegal as such, as it’s not allowed to operate “legally” in the country.

    Some sportsbooks still do, including Bovada, and they tend to extend a good selection of markets, odds, and bonuses to Australian customers. Punters are sometimes tempted because those gambling operators working as seemingly illegal companies also offer better value.

    A simpler way to look at this is to ask yourself if there is your government has licensed the website. In many cases, illegal gambling sites do not hold such licenses and this is what makes them fall out with authorities in any given country. The good news is that online gambling services online do not need to always hold a license to be trusted and reputable as you have already read here.

    However, there is a very good point to be made in favour of licensed sportsbooks, naturally. The simplest is that the more government control there is, as per Australian law, the smaller the chance becomes of a sportsbook reneging on a payment or not protecting your consumer data. There are also responsible gambling practices to consider, which are good at the best illegal betting sites but are no doubt better with an active Australian licence.

    To cut this short, illegal gambling sites simply do not meet some criteria set out in a piece of legislation. Some examples here include 5Dimes and EveryGame Sports, which have been both blocked from accessing Australian ISPs. In this case, it’s the Interactive Gambling Act of 2021. Is this important? Not really, because you can still bet on sports legally in Australia even though a sportsbook is not covered by Australian law. The thing that matters here the most is to be prepared and understand the differences and what a legal and “illegal” status entails.

    As a sports fan and punter in Australia, you are free to bet on your favourite sports from any sportsbook you may access from home. This is perfectly alright and you can rest assured that there are very good reasons to try some of these sportsbooks all the same.

    A common misunderstanding is that if gambling laws say that some operator is illegal, then you may not access it. This is actually not true. Sports betting online is available to Australians never mind what sportsbook is extending you the markets. The only real condition is for you to be of the legal gambling age which is 18. If an offshore betting operator is agreeing to accept bets from you and you are not of the legal age, you must avoid this website at all costs.

    In all other instances, gambling operators will be available to Australian customers which is precisely what most sports punters in Australia want to know. You are free to place a bet with those sportsbooks that are the most entertaining to you and that will provide you with odds you think are fair, fulfilling and exactly what you need.