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    Meet our author
    Betting expert Elizabeth Winnie

    Through a ranking system and serious and consolidated standards, we make a point of evaluating the best authorized betting sites in Australia. This information will not only allow you to have access to the best bonuses, but also to the best conditions to make the best sports bets online.

    When it comes to paying for purchases and goods, technology has made considerable progress in recent years. Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to transfer sums to the recipient's account and then wait several days for them to be sent. So-called digital wallets have provided a real revolution in these points.

    Neteller is normally quite straightforward and easy to use. However, there are some things that the customer should have in mind. For example, before making a transaction or a cash transfer, he must make sure that the balance is sufficient for this intention. Otherwise, the transaction will not be possible. It is also advisable to take a look at the provider's website before registering. Because there is one or the other point that is not usable for Australian customers. Furthermore, the customer can also find extensive information about Neteller's VIP program on the website.

    Topping up accounts that can be used for some services now works in a matter of seconds. One of the providers for this is Neteller. However, the company offers customers not only the opportunity to pay or top-up accounts online.

    What is Neteller?

    Neteller is a service that is active on several fronts. With Neteller, you can store very securely, transfer money, withdraw money from ATMs, or access your own funds. So, it is an account with the help of which you can shop all over the world. The prerequisite for this is, of course, a corresponding Neteller account, which is provided with sufficient funds.

    This account is the control centre for all transactions. The customer always has his costs under control, because what the account does not give, you can not pay. With this service, customers have the opportunity to store and pay in thousands of stores. The service is also a popular deposit option at online casinos and poker rooms. And for good reason: a transaction with Neteller is secure.

    Basically, Neteller is worthwhile for all those who like to make cashless payments and want to use the convenience of modern e-wallets. Neteller is also suitable for cost control, since only the money can be spent that is on the customer account. Nevertheless, it makes sense to study the fees in advance and then see if you agree with them. Especially for deposits and withdrawals, it is worth looking twice.

    But this service can be used not only in the online sector. Even withdrawing cash from ATMs all over the world is part of the service. Neteller betting sites are also more than present in the internet right as we speak. This is made possible by a prepaid Mastercard, which can be ordered and activated as an option. It can then be used to withdraw cash from ATMs or - like any other card - to pay in numerous stores. Not for nothing there are also countless Neteller betting sites that offer that service on their platforms - more on this below.

    Who owns Neteller?

    Neteller is operated by Paysafe Financial Service Limited. Like Neteller, the company was founded in 1999 and operates in the field of alternative payment systems. This opens up opportunities for customers to be financially active in areas where traditional payment methods do not always work smoothly.

    Like Neteller, the company, which is a subsidiary of Paysafe Group Plc, is licensed by the UK Financial Services Authority. This approval and internal security measures guarantee the highest level of security for customers. Australian users can also benefit from the services of Neteller due to the support of operations and services provided for Aussies.

    Best betting sites with Neteller in Australia

    The entire world of online Aussie betting has developed rapidly in recent years. A large part of this is also due to the financial service providers, with the help of which your deposited money is usually directly available to you. When depositing with Neteller, your deposit will immediately land on your betting account and you can place your bets without waiting.

    As we mentioned before, Neteller is not just present in the general buying and selling department, but also in the gambling and sports betting sector. This means that multiple platforms are able to offer this form of payment method. In order for you to get a grasp of the best platforms, please look down below, you will find the best Neteller betting sites:

    • Vbet
    • Matchbook
    • Betfair
    • BetVictor
    • Paddy Power
    • Betfred
    • William Hill
    • BoyleSports

    The list is not full, so if you feel that Neteller would be the best option for you to manage your money at bookmaker’s and you have not found your favourite website here - don’t worry! Study the list of the available payment methods directly on the site of your choice - these are usually listed both at the bottom of the homepage and in the Terms & Conditions section.

    How to deposit via Neteller

    Once you have found Neteller betting sites which best suit your needs, there is not much separating you from placing your first bet. The only thing left to do is to make a deposit. Fortunately, this is a simple and straightforward process.

    A corresponding account with this payment service is quickly set up and can then also be loaded immediately. To open an account, first go to the Neteller homepage. Then click on the "Register for free" button in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage. Then you just enter your first and last name as well as your e-mail address. Then you choose a secure password. No more information is required. Click on the "Register now" button to complete your registration. It's an uncomplicated process that takes less than a minute.

    Before the account can be used properly, it must of course be filled with credit. To do this, you simply use one of the deposit options offered, which the company accepts for the top-up.

    The account is created and thanks to the deposit already well filled. The last step is to transfer the money to the Neteller bookmaker. To do this, visit the site of your selected bookmaker and log in with your name and password. Then go to the account area and select the Neteller option under deposits. Now enter your desired amount and the account ID. Then just transfer the authentication code generated on your mobile device and the money will be sent to the bookmaker.

    How long do Neteller payments take?

    Transfers from most merchant sports betting sites new are instantaneous. However, be aware that some merchants may charge a fee or take longer to process their payments. The best way to find out exactly when you will receive your money is to contact the merchant directly. Make sure that the email address you have provided to the merchant matches the one you have registered in your Neteller account.

    For you, this virtually means that you can count on immediate processing. Of course, this can also vary a little, depending on which bank you have the money transferred to, for example, in the case of a payout. In the case of deposits, however, you can usually expect immediate processing, as e-wallets allow for immediate receipt of the money anyway.

    Deposit limits

    An alternative to manual deposit is to use a credit card or debit card for top-up. Here you can choose whether you prefer to use Mastercard or Visa. The process is a bit different for both, but the top-up limit is $135. This can be a bit disadvantageous if you visit Neteller betting sites, after all, you might want to place a larger bet. However, the general top-up is not a problem.

    Now comes a special feature though. Once you have verified your account with Neteller, the deposit limit is automatically raised to a whopping $50,000. Thus, you can store considerable sums on your Neteller customer account in no time.

    Withdrawing from your betting account to Neteller

    With withdrawals, it basically works almost exactly the same as with deposits. However, there are still some basic differences to consider. The step of withdrawing your funds from Neteller betting sites to your Neteller account is very easy.

    To begin with, you visit the said platform. Afterwards, go to your customer account there, and look for the payments section. Once you have found it, you can now find the advanced withdrawal option. After you select it, most platforms offer different payment methods, from which you can choose one. In our case, we choose Neteller, of course. Once you have done this as well, you just follow a few minor steps, like entering your credentials from the Neteller account. Once this is done, you can withdraw the money from your Neteller betting sites to your personal Neteller customer account. However, this is only half the battle.

    After all, the money from your Neteller account must now be transferred to your bank account as well. There are a few minor steps to follow for this.

    First, go to the Cash Out section of your Neteller account. There, under Bank Account, click Withdraw Now. Select a bank account and click Next. If you have not yet registered a bank account, click Add Bank Account to submit your bank information. Enter the amount and click Next. Depending on your country, you may need to provide additional information (e.g., for Australia, your CPF/CNPJ number). You may be asked to confirm your bank account if you have not already done so. A summary page with the details of your transfer will be displayed. Confirm the transaction by entering your Secure ID to complete the transfer.


    Some services and options directly related to Neteller are unfortunately not free of charge. For example, topping up the Neteller account. Depending on which option the customer chooses, fees can vary. With Giropay, there is a margin that ranges from free of charge to fees of 1.5 percent.

    While a normal bank transfer is free of charge, replenishing the account by credit card incurs between 1.9 and 4.95 percent. With Neteller, there are very many ways to top up one's account. It is advisable to study the provider's website carefully before making a deposit. After all, it would be more than annoying to choose a fee-based option when a free transfer would also have been possible.

    With Neteller, not only the loading of the account is sometimes associated with fees. The withdrawal can also cost the user something. Accordingly, a bank transfer is charged with 8.50 $ here - a proud price! The issuing of a check is also estimated at 8.50 $. Here, too, it is advisable to take a look at the list on the website before making a chargeback. Here, the customer can simply select the currency that suits him and is then shown the corresponding fees.


    How do I bet on NETELLER?

    In order to bet on NETELLER, you need to configure your NETELLER account with your Neteller betting sites you wish to participate in. This is possible by following simple instructions given on the respected platforms.

    How do I withdraw from NETELLER to bet365?

    You need to login into your bet365 account, and select payments. After that, you need to select deposit, and NETELLER as a payment method. In this case, you can deposit money from your NETELLER to a bet365 account.

    What can I use NETELLER for?

    NETELLER can be used for many different things, e.g. buying from online stores, making payments, saving money, depositing and withdrawing money etc.

    How do I transfer from non gambling to NETELLER?

    Go to the settings of the respected platform, and select payments. From there, you can select NETELLER as the destination account, and execute the transfer.