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Through a ranking system and serious and consolidated standards, we make a point of evaluating the best authorized betting sites in Australia. This information will not only allow you to have access to the best bonuses, but also to the best conditions to make the best sports bets online.

POLi betting sites are probably the most favoured online gambling platforms. The reason being is that POLi is a highly preferred option when it comes to depositing funds into one’s account. This mode of payment is incredibly simple to use and, most importantly, it is completely safe.

The payment method is available in Australia and New Zealand, and it is almost as popular as debit cards. One of the major perks of making POLi payments is that you don’t even need to own a debit or a credit card. The only thing you’ll need as a customer will be an active bank account.

The online mode of payment was first introduced in 2006. The owner company is POLi Payments Pty Ltd., with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. In 2014, it got obtained by SecurePay Holdings. The service can be used for purchasing goods online, for online betting, and for other activities that require users to make money deposits.

One of the main perks of POLi payments is that the customer is not required to add any information regarding their debit card details. Instead, they are required to provide information associated with their online banking account. This would mean that when depositing on POLi betting sites, you won’t be asked to type in your credit card number.

Since users are constantly looking for more convenient and secure modes of payment, many bookmakers strive to offer more possible options. POLi is a payment method that can be seen on many licensed online gambling platforms. It’s far from surprising that it is also one of the most commonly used options by Australians to top up their balances.

In addition to this, most local banks in Australia allow their clients to make payments via POLi. A considerable advantage that should be highlighted is that POLi deposits get completed almost instantly. Unquestionably, this is a good enough reason for bettors to choose this service.

Best POLi betting sites in Australia

POLi is a mode of payment supported on a number of licensed Aussie sports betting platforms. Australian bookmakers do their best to grant each user an excellent gaming experience. Aside from a huge diversity of markets to bet on, they also feature numerous payment methods, as well.

One of the most commonly used options is POLi because of its convenience, fast processing time, and minimal or zero fees. Online gamblers have no trouble finding POLi betting sites – after all, this is one of the most preferred payment services used by Australians.

There are no restrictions regarding the sports you can bet on with POLi. The only thing you need to check in advance is whether or not your bank supports transactions conducted via this method. You can place single or multiple bets without any trouble. Also, you can top up your balance via POLi several times a day, as long as you don’t exceed the deposit limit imposed by the bookie.

It is vital to only bet on POLi betting sites that hold valid license numbers issued by a legal authority. Additionally, it is advisable to get familiar with the deposit limits regarding this particular mode of payment. Those who like to bet larger sums may not find the limits acceptable.

Additionally, the list of deposit methods should not be the only thing you consider before registering on a specific licensed newest betting site. The diversity of betting markets, the special promotions released by the bookmaker, as well as the site’s optimization are quite crucial, as well. Most users prefer to lay bets via their smartphones. That’s why they look for POLi betting sites that are fully responsive on smart devices.

If that is the case with the respective platform, you will be able to take your chances at any time of the day or night. Additionally, it is recommended to sign up on POLi betting sites that feature decent odds for most betting types. Platforms like PlayUp and PointsBet are likeable among active bettors because of the reasonable odds and cash-out features. Additionally, sometimes best bookies provide boosted odds for particular matches.

How to deposit via POLi

One of the reasons why so many users choose to deposit via POLi is that the entire process is incredibly simple and straightforward. Firstly, you should explore all licensed POLi betting sites. This way, you will be able to make the right choice of a platform that is conformable to your budget, sports disciplines interests, and overall preferences when it comes to online gambling.

Once you make up your mind, you will have to create an account on the respective website. The registration process is just as simple as depositing via POLi. Usually, all football bookmakers require newbies to provide personal information, including name, residential address, email, password, and so on. Once you deliver the mandatory details, you will have to verify your email.

Please, bear in mind that if you skip this step, you will not be able to make payments. After the email verification, the identity verification is the process that will follow. Sometimes, bookies may ask you to send a high-quality picture of a personal document that contains all necessary personal information. That is a standard process, and it shouldn’t bother you.

Once you complete all these obligatory steps, you will then finally be ready to add money to your sportsbook balance. The majority of POLi betting sites promise instant and free transactions. However, certain bookies may charge customers a minimal tax when they make a deposit. To avoid any misunderstanding, it’ll be best to get familiar with the brand’s terms and conditions.

To make a POLi deposit, you will simply have to choose the option as a preferred mode of payment. Then, you will be asked to type in the amount of money you wish to deposit into your account. After that, you will be transferred to another web page to choose your bank and add your personal online banking details. When you fill in all blank spaces, your payment will be processed.

How long do POLi payments take

As aforementioned, POLi payments usually get completed within seconds. That’s one of the reasons why a huge number of punters pick this option when it comes to depositing funds into their balances on different POLi betting sites. Immediate payments give users the opportunity to place bets whenever they want. Plus, the overall POLi payment process is easy and quick. In other words, you are quite unlikely to miss the opportunity of laying a bet at the right moment.

That is one of the main reasons why most bettors who gamble online prefer to use instant deposit methods. Options, such as debit card deposits or bank transfers, for example, are not the best choices for players who want to make a bet at the earliest possible time.

Deposit limits

You may encounter different deposit limits on all POLi betting sites. This is something that should be taken into account because some bookmakers have imposed lower maximum limits while other platforms are the perfect choice for users who like making larger bets.

Even though the maximum deposit limit of the payment service equals $50,000, this does not mean that this limit will apply to all online sportsbooks. Usually, information about the limits of each mode of payment is listed in the Help section. There, you will also find details about each mode of payment’s processing time and any other things that may be important to the customer. The minimum POLi deposit amount usually starts from $5. On certain websites, it can reach $15 or even $20.

Since most operators follow a responsible gambling policy, customers are permitted to impose their own limits when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. In other words, if you feel the need to restrict your expenses, you can set a limitation associated with the money you can spend on the different POLi betting sites. This can be done via the Settings menu.

Before making a deposit, however, you should also note the minimum deposit regarding the specific betting market you’ve laid your eyes on. Sometimes, customers may be required to make bets that are greater in size than the amount of the minimum POLi deposit.

Withdrawing from your betting account to POLi

Although POLi deposits are quite popular, customers of different POLi betting sites will not be permitted to make deposits via this method. The online paying service does not allow regular users to withdraw funds. Only merchants can accept payments with POLi.

Most Aussie sports betting operators give users the opportunity to withdraw their earnings via a bank transfer. That is another secure mode of payment supported on many virtual sportsbooks. The disadvantage associated with this method is that the processing time usually takes between two to five business days.

That is perhaps the more considerable disadvantage of POLi. The fact that customers will not be allowed to make withdrawals via this method would mean that they will have to pay fees when using another option. The withdrawing fees may vary but, fortunately, most of the time, they are pretty reasonable.

Payment fees

POLi is a company that encourages all merchants and banks not to charge customers additional fees when they make payments via this particular mode of payment. Put differently, POLi, as a payment service will not impose accompanying taxes. Nonetheless, this does not mean that certain POLi betting sites won’t charge users.

The good thing is that such potential fees are quite minimal, and they won’t affect a customer’s budget so much. In one of the previous paragraphs, we mentioned that all details associated with the fees, transaction time, and deposit limits, can be found on the respective site’s Help Desk section.

If you, as a customer, have any trouble finding what you are looking for, do not hesitate to reach the customer support team. The agents will assist you as soon as possible and will provide you with all the necessary information.

What are the pros and cons of POLi betting sites

As we mentioned earlier, POLi is a method that is accepted on numerous platforms. The majority of people choose this option simply because they consider it much safer than paying with their debit cards, for example. According to many users, POLi has a number of benefits.

Firstly, there are many POLi betting sites gamblers can choose between. That surely is a plus, considering the fact that nowadays most people are looking for innovative options when it comes to making payments. Not only is POLi supported on the majority of Aussie betting sites, but the POLi transactions usually get completed within a few seconds.

The payment method guarantees fast and secure transactions that are usually accompanied by very minimal or no fees at all. With POLi, you, as a bettor, will be able to top up your balance at any time and lay bets on the most anticipated rugby, tennis, or Australian football events.

Customers of POLi betting sites don’t like waiting for several days before their funds arrive. Luckily, thanks to the convenient option, the money arrives instantly. Plus, POLi clients immediately receive notifications when a payment has been requested. What’s more, POLi does not store any sensitive information. The security measures adopted by the company are top-notch, which means that users do not have to worry about any potential types of fraud or personal information leakage.

Although the number of benefits surely is impressive, the Australian payment service has a few slight disadvantages we feel obligated to familiarize you with. First and foremost, POLi payments cannot be reversed. In other words, if you pay by accident using POLi, you will not be allowed to seek a refund of your money. Additionally, POLi withdrawals are not allowed, as we’ve mentioned already.

And lastly, not all banks support this method. To avoid any potential disappointment, we recommend you check whether or not your bank allows for POLi payments. If it doesn’t you will be required to choose one of the alternative methods presented on the respective betting website.