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Table of contents
    Meet our author
    Betting expert Elizabeth Winnie

    Through a ranking system and serious and consolidated standards, we make a point of evaluating the best authorized betting sites in Australia. This information will not only allow you to have access to the best bonuses, but also to the best conditions to make the best sports bets online.

    Sports betting sites in Australia come in all shapes and forms. There are your behemoths that encompass the entire industry and then again, there are those options that are slightly more focused on what they have to provide you with. Punters have an excellent choice of numerous worthwhile options that will make a whole lot of sense when you think about it. The best Australia sports betting sites are not necessarily the biggest.

    In fact, there are tons of small bookmakers that will feature awesome live betting, flexible betting apps and generally a well-thought-out experience to really make it worth your while placing a bet with one brand or the other. While you may have a few markets missing, small bookies in Australia make sure that you have access to precisely what you need. They are specialized bookies with a focused offering that will make a lot of sense for you to explore.

    So, the question you need to ask yourself when looking for small online betting sites Australia is whether you cherish variety or want to explore websites that are more specialized in their offer. That is not to say that small betting sites do not have some advantages, or even sufficient markets in every sport to provide you with.

    It’s often quite the contrary, but admittedly these websites often offer some of the best betting options on certain sports and this is just the way it is. To have a truly enjoyable experience, you need to pick the small betting sites that will focus and provide you with the options that you honestly cherish. Let’s take a look at what some of the upsides of choosing a small online betting site are. Remember, there are sites that offer live streaming, horse racing and a ton of other options to choose from, so you can adjust your choice accordingly.

    Small australian bookmakers benefits

    There are many reasons why you would want to support small betting sites Australia. For one, some people just get tired of the big names, and that is okay. However, there are excellent benefits that you can explore and enjoy on your own time. There are many reasons why you would want to stick with small bookies over the big names. You can build loyalty with a small bookie, benefit from some excellent markets and enjoy top-notch betting apps. Here, we will help you understand what some of the inherent advantages to new bookmakers in Australia are and how you can make them work in your favor.

    • Often great odds on events To stay competitive, small bookies will often try to outpace the big names by offering excellent odds in specific moments that would attract enough eyeballs on them. Of course, the price adjusting is not easy and the best small bookies have a team of proper sports traders who can crunch the numbers and really come on top offering you a valuable betting opportunity. They do so to ensure that you are really making the most out of your experience and benefit from optimized market options. You will often find some specific odds for great events and make the most out of this experience by leveraging your understanding of a sport against some excellent fixtures that will take your bankroll to the next level.
    • Focused on niche events You may be thinking that small sportsbooks have a much slimmer variety of options, but this is not necessarily true. An online bookmakers site in Australia that is trying to stay competitive with the big names will find new and fresh angles. Popular markets are mostly featured across the entire industry, but small bookies will often ensure that you are really having the time of your life by providing you with select market opportunities in specific sports and make it very worthwhile. The experience will really come to something when you think of it and you will definitely benefit from betting on some niche markets as well. These niche markets may be listed in some popular sports or a more marginal competition, such as esports for example. Either way, small Australian bookmakers really make sure that you are always on top of your game.
    • Small australian bookmakers are more communicative with punters Look, when you are new in the game, you will want people to remember you fondly. This is why sports betting sites in Australia that are starting out and have a relatively small offer will focus on establishing a clear line of communication with everyone. They cannot afford to lose punters and so, to achieve this, they will be one-hundred percent committed to their sports fans by having reliable and often around-the-clock customer support options. While the big names are often a little clunky with their customer support, small Australian betting sites are quite enthusiastic about getting you with the answers you need. It’s not just that. Most big sites will only use an automated HELP section or FAQs before you have a chance to talk to a customer support rep. But a small bookie would like to change that by introducing a variety of social media accounts, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook that they use as additional aids in communicating with their fan bases. It’s not just that, though, as you can rest assured that the best small Australian bookmakers are actually going to take pains and enable you to connect through email and live chat just as well.
    • Great odds The odds you will discover at small bookies are definitely no worse than the ones at the major sportsbooks. If anything, small bookies will often have to come up with original options to ensure that you are having access to some top-notch options out there. The odds you are looking into will vary, of course, from most other sportsbooks, but they will surely be in line with what the most likely probability of an event is. You want to ensure that the bookie you have chosen will actually provide you with a lot to speak of. Odds play an important role as they allow you to fully appreciate the experience and really extract the best value for your efforts. Of course, some odds may still be off a little, but this is no biggie as this happens with even the biggest bookmakers in Australia. What you should do is just have a few bookies on tap and go through the ones that offer the best odds for a given event.
    • Holds up excellently on mobile A small betting site in Australia will usually hold up very nicely on mobile and there is a very good reason for this. To begin with, you want a website that is easy to navigate even if you are on the go and sportsbooks that tend to know that. As a result, you get some of the best betting options there that are fully functioning for any number of mobile devices. Essentially, you want a sportsbook that provides you with a well-rounded experience and this includes both having your preferred bookie accessible through a mobile app, but also the dedicated HTML5 platform. In other words, small bookies will always try to have you covered and make it enjoyable for you to participate one way or the other.
    • They do offer live streaming Securing live streaming at sports betting sites in Australia isn’t so difficult and most small bookies know that one way to stay competitive is to provide you with a comprehensive experience. How do they get there? Well, it’s simple! On top of the great odds they offer, most of these sites are also perfectly aware that adding a live streaming and betting experience into the mix will really seal the deal. Of course, live betting is a little more challenging in Australia as it usually takes place over the phone. This should not stop you from accessing the excellent live streams that you can often find at some of the top small bookies plain and simple! Of course, you may choose a bookie that doesn’t necessarily stream live sports, and that is okay. There are many ways to spend your cash on small bookies and they make it easy to have the best possible time for your money.
    • Sports variety and markets at small australian bookmakers Another great thing to consider about small bookies is that they do have market variety. They may focus on fewer overall events, but this means that you have a better focus overall. There will be plenty of markets to enjoy still and you can rest assured that the main betting markets that Australians would be interested in are always duly covered. For example, you will have rugby, cricket, and football. There will be American football, basketball, and baseball and generally no shortage of superb choices when it comes to picking the options that you truly enjoy yourself. If you are new to bookies such as these, rest assured that they will have you covered and you will have not a single worry in the world.
    • Better bonuses and wagers altogether If you are looking to make the most out of your stay with a great small bookie in Australia, the best course of action would be to look for one that really has done its best to feature some awesome bonuses and promotions. Of course, these bonuses will still have to be aligned with what is acceptable in Australia in terms of bonusing and promotional rules, but you can generally expect to find an awesome variety of spot-on options when it comes to the promos. They may be extended to you as a lump sum, some odds booster or perhaps even a risk-free bet. It all depends and you will definitely enjoy yourself through and through. Claiming the right bonus will definitely help you elevate your experience and enjoy it a whole lot more.

    How to pick small betting sites Australia

    Understandably, you are having some additional questions about how YOU can pick a small bookie yourself. Sure, you can just lift a name from trusted betting sites such as ours and stick with it, but you may want to consider a few things that will help you tailor your choice to reflect what benefits you personally best. For starters, there are some things to take into consideration, including the sport you enjoy, but also the available promos, banking options and a few other small things to take into consideration. We will quickly run you through some things to keep in mind when looking to pick the right small betting site for yourself.

    Choose a sport you enjoy

    We often seem to forget that the most important thing you should do in choosing a small betting site (or a big one for that matter) is to ask yourself what sports you actually enjoy. Are you a Rugby League fan? That’s great, then perhaps you should look for a bookie that will provide you with just the right option for your gameplay. There are many sites that from the list of smaller bookmakers that will specialize in providing you with some excellent markets on a given sport. The truth is that most of them tend to do great across the board.

    However, to be absolutely certain before registering, we recommend observing a website for a while. If you are looking at a sport that is in its season, you will definitely be happy to know that your sport is being well covered and all the major developments at any time of the season are well reflected in the available betting markets and options. So, want to pick a bookie? The best thing to do is to actually focus on the sport you love and only then check out if the said bookmaker actually has anything to offer you one way or another. It’s easy and it’s a good piece of advice to put into practice!

    See what a bookmaker’s reputation is like

    Ever wondered what to expect from a betting website, be that a small bookie? Well, there is a great way to verify a few facts without expending too much effort, and it’s called reputation. Reputation is built upon what others have said about a bookmaker. Australia is a vibrant betting community, which means that one way or another, you will always have a way to actually enjoy yourself and find out all you need to know about a bookie.

    So, the question here is – do you need to look for some 10 out of 10 bookmakers, or are happy to follow your fellow punters’ recommendations and put them to good use by picking a reputable name in the industry. Bettors will definitely benefit from an awesome experience based on some of the most trusted names in the industry and this is precisely why you should always ask yourself – is the small betting site you are picking actually worth the trouble. The good news is that the answer will usually be quite easy to get and this is why this is a must-do thing when checking in on the available bookies out there!

    Check if you can get risk free bets

    If you are looking for risk-free bets then you will definitely wish to do your due diligence prior to joining a small bookie. The way these risk-free bets work is quite unique. What happens here is that you are asked to make a bet of AU$50 and once you do, you are promised that in case your bet fails, you will be returned the full amount of the bet to wager once again. These bets are very popular and we definitely would love to see more of them around.

    Depending on the marketing rules, though, these bets may only become available after you register and Aussie bookies usually do not advertise them openly. However, a quick trip to a review or the website’s T&C’s should give you a fairly good idea if you can have these betting options to enjoy or not. There are many things to try yourself and they are definitely worthwhile.

    Check if the deposit methods are flexible

    Another thing to check out when looking for great small betting sites is to really spend some time checking what the banking options are like. Generally speaking, you want to be able to deposit and withdraw money without much of a setback. So, to this end, it’s important to really take a look at the available options and how they can help you make the most out of your experience betting. Not having to worry about withdrawals or payouts is actually what’s going to make you a sharper bettor.

    All that is going to depend on you is to place smart bets that yield success stories. Still, there are quick ways to check if the banking at a particular bookmaker is up to scratch. For starters, begin with the payment methods. See if any fees apply and then compare to other sites that you know you can trust. Check out processing times and the maximum withdrawal size per day and then per month. There are many ways to enjoy yourself while betting at small bookies, but quickly verifying the payment methods as trusted options is definitely closer to the top of the list.

    Check the less popular markets

    If you want to really pick a great bookie, one thing that you should probably be doing is to check out what niche markets are being offered. By niche market we mean anything in any relevant betting vertical. This means more opportunities to enjoy yourself by having a bookie that will actually deliver on a much needed experience.

    What markets could these be? Well, it can really range from anything, such as MMA to motorsports, to electronic sports or even entertainment bets. You may take a bet on The Bachelor or Big Brother, Survival or Master Chef. There are other niche markets that definitely stir quite a bit of attention, such as political betting.

    Since Donald Trump joined the political scene, the firebrand has made for some really interesting political betting opportunities and this is precisely what people are looking for. If you are into these “niche markets,” you will definitely find it easy to choose a small bookie – you just need the one that actually offers them and this is pretty much the way this works plain and simple. For anyone enjoying these markets, finding them at a bookmaker is definitely going to be what seals the deal for them.

    Of course, even traditional sports can have some niche markets, whether those are proposition bets or some interesting parlay opportunities. There seems to be no shortage of opportunities to explore when looking for those slightly more exotic betting options which are no doubt going to make the most out of you.

    Final word on small australian betting sites

    In summation, there are many different reasons why you would want to explore smaller bookies in Australia. They do give you that “cozier” look and make it so much nicer to play through generally. These bookmakers want to differentiate from the rest and help you really have a blast yourself. Players who are looking to bet with a slightly off-beat or just a smaller betting website will definitely have no shortage of options when all is said and done. Even more importantly, it’s worth noting that smaller bookies in Australia does not mean that you are settling for second-rate options. Not in the slightest – very often these smaller betting sites will have some excellent and even better markets to offer. They may be a little more focused in what they offer you, but this is just another reason how they make sure that the odds that are brought to your attention are optimized and dedicated to providing you with the best betting experience possible. It’s that simple and you stand the chance to benefit from the best ones out there!