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register 18+ | Northern Territory Racing Commission and the South Australian Gambling Codes of Practice
🌍 Main country 🇦🇺 Australia
✔️ Year of foundation 2017
🛡️ License Northern Territory Racing Commission and the South Australian Gambling Codes of Practice
✉️ E-mail [email protected]
💲 Major currencies AUD
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    SportChamps is one of the most innovative sports betting platforms that borrows the idea of sports exchanges but asks players to bet not in pairs against each other but rather invites everyone to enter contests known as tournaments. Once in those contests, players get to climb through a leaderboard, and the farther up the leaderboard you end up, the greater your payout will be.

    The brand was launched in 2017, and the company is licensed by the Northern Territory Government and the South Australian Gambling Codes of Practice. SportChamps Australia Pty is listed as the parent company, which is headquartered in Australia.

    SportChamps' concept is different from anything you have seen, and this will make for a very interesting experience if you are looking to leverage your knowledge of sports to get an edge over fellow punters. The platform asks sports bettors to enter into tournaments where all their stakes are pooled, and then a percentage of all participants will receive a share based on their standing on the leaderboard.

    The concept is definitely new, and it reminds fantasy sports, but you are betting on actual sports events, so your knowledge of sports is really important here. We take a closer look at how the platform works and what the expected market variety is in our next section.

    Variety of Betting Events

    sportchamps betting site

    Let's get things straight from the start. SportChamps isn't your usual sports betting platform or community. The brand operates in a different, but intuitive way. All registered users are asked to enter contests known as tournaments. Each tournament will collect your entry fees and pool them together so that the prize purse is then distributed between participants.

    The platform takes a 12.5% cut, and the remainder of all stakes are granted back to participants based on a leaderboard. Each tournament has a leaderboard, and the further along you are in the rankings, the bigger your cut of the prize purse will be. You bet real money, with the contests ranging from $2 to $100 to enter an event.

    Once you do enter a tournament, you will be given a special currency known as ChampCash. Most tournaments grant you $10,000 to spend on at least five bets/selections and by betting at least $250. Please keep in mind that these amounts only refer to the virtual bets, and you don't actually have to bet $10,000 to enter a contest. Online casino also condict online contects for instance Joo casino Aussie.

    Your goal is to make the right calls so that you stay in the competition and your selections turn out a success. You may choose from several types of tournaments, too, including top % tournaments where you want to be in the top 25% or 40% to receive a share of the prize.

    You also have the double-up tournaments where the first 45% of participants will receive double payouts based on their entry fees. The most challenging event is the winner takes all tournaments where a single winner will win the entire pot.

    Punters may purchase multiple entries into a tournament, and each entry will be treated separately and independently. You can buy multiple entries to make slight adjustments to your selections and run several scenarios at the same time.

    The pool sizes will always be displayed as you enter a competition, along with the entry fee. In the meantime, you have many markets to choose from. You can bet on dozens of available sports, choosing from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NRL, AFL, tennis, golf, and more. "Market variety" as such isn't something that SportChamps focuses on.

    Rather, you will have a good selection of American and Australian sports to choose from and different tournaments to opt into. Alternatively, if you feel that you don't want to commit any money, there is always the option to play for free.

    The free markets will allow you to test the platform's functionality and understand how the virtual currency and markets work. SportChamps is a compelling sports betting platform that will allow you to explore some of the best sports betting options and do so in a completely new setting where you get to test your sports betting knowledge not against the bookmakers but against your fellow sports bettors.

    There are over 30 markets per individual game, giving you a very good variety of potential markets to choose from. Some of the available selections here include first score, half-time, total points, handicap, match result, and more. Effectively, you are going to be free and choose bets that are very similar to what traditional Australia betting site run with.

    Live Betting

    Because SportChamps is a new type of betting experience, you will not be able to experience "in-play" markets where you bet based on a real-time dynamic and have to respond to changes in the odds in a matter of split seconds. Instead, SportChamps wants to make sure that you have a clear picture of what is happening in the tournament.

    With this in mind, all you need to do, joining a contest, is to place the right selections and have an enjoyable stay at the platform. You have plenty of excellent contests that completely change the betting paradigm in a way that will make the new betting options a lot of fun.

    Registration and Verification Process

    sportchamps registration

    If SportChamps has caught your eye, then you are probably looking to register and verify your account, and naturally - start betting. Setting up your account is very easy, and it shouldn't take long at all. All you need to do is click on the Sign Up Free button in the top right corner.

    Registration is a straightforward process from there on in. The bookie will ask you to fill out certain details about yourself as an account holder. You have to do so while providing the information truthfully. As you do, you will be able to access the tournaments.

    Before you do, though, there is one final condition you ought to fulfill - verifying your account identity. This is a simple and quick process that shouldn't take long to begin with. Once your account has been verified, you are ready to take on all of the available tournaments and website features.

    sportchamps login

    The verification process is actually very quick, and it takes anything from 24 hours to three days, during which the platform will grant you upon reviewing your government-issued documents, a copy of which is submitted for evaluation to confirm that you are the individual you register as.

    Bonuses for Regular and New Players

    The bonusing system at SportChamps is slightly different than what you may have become used to at other sports betting platforms. In fact, the only form of promotions you will find on the website are "exclusive tournaments" that are accessible through Bonus Codes. For usual gambling bonuses check Woo casino bonus maybe you like it as well.

    Those codes will be allocated to you via the website mailbox or through email, and you can use them to participate in various events that may not be readily available to the rest of your fellow punters. Either way, the bonusing system at SportChamps is focused on punters taking action in tournaments, and that is a good thing.

    Platform Usability

    While taking an ambitious view of sports betting, the platform is very easy to use, providing you with a full array of functionalities that you will find at traditional bookies. The website allows you to enter tournament pools both from desktop and mobile devices and benefit from quick banking options and smooth navigation.

    You will enjoy smooth, effortless navigation regardless of your choice of device, and you will further be able to bank directly in AUD, as the platform is very happy to offer Australian punters numerous betting markets and opportunities.

    In terms of banking options, you can use solutions such as Visa, MasterCard, and Bank transfers. Keep in mind that the platform only allows you to cash out using Bank Transfers, which is convenient. The minimum deposit is only $1, which is one of the best minimum deposit amounts we have seen at any newest online betting sites.

    However, to enter a tournament at the bookie, you will need to pay at least $2. The good news is that upon sign up, you will have five free tournaments you can enter into, giving you a good idea of what you ought to bring along with yourself.

    To withdraw any money from the platform, you will need to request at least $10 back from the sportsbook. Deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly, although it may take anything from 24 hours to a few days for a withdrawal to appear in your bank account.

    The user interface is very friendly, and the website's offer, while seemingly a little complicated at first, will prove a great experience for all punters who are passionate about experiencing sports betting in a new and riveting way.

    Punters have several main menus to choose from, including Lobby, My Entries, My Bets, and My Mates, which all come together to give you full control over the sports betting action taking place at the platform or in a particular contest.

    sportchamps mobile

    You can access the brand from Android and iOS smartphones for additional comfort and through dedicated apps. To access casino games you may look for Playamo casino app as this trusted Aussie brand.

    Reliability of Brand

    SportChamps has been around for well over 4 years now, making it one of the safest options on the Australian sports betting markets. While the peer-to-peer betting and tournament concept used to appear somewhat new and a little odd, it quickly became popular among sports bettors who are always happy to take on a new challenge.

    All these years in operation have proven that SportChamps can provide punters with a reliable platform. Whether you are looking for a great bonus or want high betting limits, the website seems to be the best place to get it. Or you can go to Casinochan Australia login if your primary interest are casino games.

    The brand has no policy against restricting winning players, nor has any such practices been reported to regulators or by the community. There is a daily cap on how much you can win that is set at $35,000, which is not too bad and makes up for close to $1 million every month if you manage to top all the relevant tournament charts.

    In terms of buying an entry into an event, you can start at as little as $2 and go all the way up to $200. It's good to know that the website will take a cut from all the stakes that enter a pool - 12.5%. The remaining amount is then distributed among winners. Please remember that you must pay a $10 monthly fee to keep your account active.

    Advantages and Disadvantages


    • A total of over 200 tournaments weekly
    • Australian-owned and focused on the domestic market
    • You may release any winnings without a playthrough
    • Private and exclusive tournaments
    • Very trustworthy and reliable


    • The 12.5% fee is rather high
    • You must pay to maintain your account monthly


    How to register at SportChamps?

    Simple. Click on the Sign Up Free and follow through with the requests to fill out your information. This information must be filled out truthfully as it will be necessary for the verification process that follows. Once an account is set up, you have 45 days to verify and confirm your identity so that you may benefit from the website's full functionality. Every user must verify their accounts if they intend to play at SportChamps.

    How to place a bet at SportChamps?

    Enter a contest by paying at least $2. Divvy up the virtual currency known as ChampCash across five separate bets at the very least and climb up the leaderboard to claim a more sizable portion of the prize pool.

    Can you watch live sports at SportChamps?

    No. Live sports and in-play aren't part of what the bookie offers right now.

    How to get a bonus at SportChamps?

    SportChamps sends private bonus codes that you can use to enter exclusive tournaments.

    Why is SportChamps not working?

    If you are trying to access the website from a non-whitelisted jurisdiction, chances are the website will be unavailable for you. Only play from approved countries and regions.