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Tabtouch Australia betting site: login & sign up bonus

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register 18+ | ACT, the Australian Gambling and Racing Commission. WA Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries. Gambling and Racing Control Act
🌍 Main country 🇦🇺 Australia
✔️ Year of foundation 1961
🛡️ License ACT, the Australian Gambling and Racing Commission. WA Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries. Gambling and Racing Control Act
✉️ E-mail [email protected]
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    TabTouch might seem like a new operator because of the design, but this is the descendant of the Totalisator Agency Board, which used to be a monopoly tote board operator. TabTouch bookmaker was rebranded in 2013 and now operates as a private company.

    The TabTouch bookmaker is commonly known as WA TAB, which is a physical option established way back in 1961. As the name suggests, they operate out of Western Australia and by now have over 300 locales.

    Generally, there are four reasons why you might consider TabTouch:

    • Australian owned and run
    • Online and offline betting
    • Good website platform and app
    • Excellent Customer care

    As for the holding company above TabTouch, that is now over in the US, but that doesn't change the Australian character of the company. This is both a good thing and a bad one because some options with the operator that is available everywhere aren't available here, while others are promoted.

    Online betting in Australia is completely legal and has been regulated for the last 23 years. Especially in the last few years, this type of entertainment has experienced a boom, both because of the increased safety of the operators and the decreased safety outside.

    The company is a partner of the West Coast Eagles and Fremantle Dockers, as well as the Western Australia AFL clubs in general.

    Last but not least, the website is entirely in English like Playamo Aussie, as is the support. And they are quite competent, so if you have any issues they will be quick to help.

    tabtouch betting site

    As must all betting agencies Australia calls their own, TabTouch operates under the license of the ACT, the Australian Gambling and Racing Commission. Under the Gambling and Racing Control Act of 1999, this body is used to give out all licenses for betting companies and other bookies in the country. Under this rule, Aussie bookies need to insure the deposits they are receiving, abstain from predatory practices, and take preventative measures so that minors and people with addiction can't play. The website won’t be available for non-Australia IP addresses and you won’t be able to sign up if you don’t have an Australian ID.

    But, if you already have an account, you can use a VPN to play from anywhere in the world. Aussies globally can have access to betting sites Australia is protecting in this way, as they do have all of the necessary papers required to play.

    What Betting Events Does It Cover?

    According to its history, TabTouch covers primarily races, including trots and dogs. Some of the events covered are:

    • URAWA

    As you may notice, this includes both regular horse races, trots, and dog races, with different options depending on the rules of the race.

    Additionally, it is possible to bet on other sports both if you are using TabTouch mobile options and from the website directly. Categories are both sports and leagues, and you can find the following options:

    • Basketball
    • Soccer
    • Cricket
    • Tennis
    • Table Tennis
    • Ice Hockey
    • Rugby Union
    • Rugby League
    • UCF/MMA
    • Volleyball
    • Golf
    • Australian Football League
    • Baseball
    • Boxing
    • Cycling
    • Darts
    • Floorball
    • Formula 1
    • Handball
    • Motorsports
    • Novelties
    • Politics
    • Snooker
    • Surfing
    • Winter sports
    • E-sports

    Football Leagues

    But, you will also be able to search by a specific league, such as the American NHL, NFL, and NBA, or the European Premier League or Serie A just for soccer. The selection is not amazing, but it does cover all of the most popular events all around the world.

    Esports Options

    TabTouch is one of only a few Aussie bookmakers to have esports included in their offer. The options for these sports are similar to what you can find in other sports and the jargon is adapted towards the bettors who might use these options.

    Currently, there are three games and their respective leagues that you can bet on:

    • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    • Defence of the Ancients 2
    • League of Legends

    Going off the popularity of those games, it is no wonder why they were chosen, with the increasing number of viewers and bettors observing every year.


    Regretfully, TabTouch doesn’t have casino games nor a plan to offer them, if you want to play some online pokies you will need to look elsewhere like Joocasino casino.

    Live Betting Options

    The noticeable "live" option refers to sports and races where you can bet while the games are playing, which is an increasingly popular option amongst viewers. New Aussie bookmakers usually portray this as something completely novel, which it isn't. Live betting became popularized with boxing matches and racing.

    Live betting function in Australia is available only via phone. Otherwise, it will be considered illegal. In such a situation, Tabtouch chooses not to have such an option on their website at all.

    Registration and Verification

    tabtouch registration

    Because like at many other new bookmakers Australia the website is limited to domestic players, the registration process is quite straightforward. But, it might be prudent to call the TabTouch contact number before you start and inquire if you are eligible and if there are any additional documents you would need, especially if you are not a citizen.

    Otherwise, the registration is simple and only has 3 steps:

    1. Fill out your information
    2. Verify your age
    3. Create a password

    For your information you will need to fill out:

    • Name
    • Surname
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Address
    • City
    • State

    Then, for the verification, you will need to submit any type of government-issued ID and the last utility bill for the address you have cited. That will prove both your location and your age.

    tabtouch login

    You can browse both the website and the mobile website without registration, provided that you are accessing it from Australia. But, you won't be able to place a bet before you provide and verify your information and have some money in your betting account.

    Bonuses and Advantages

    Like most betting websites Australia houses, TabTouch doesn't have a signup bonus. This is due to recent Australian legislation. In any case, there are other bonuses introduced to bettors after signing up. As a result, if you go through the list of Online Bookmakers Australia you will see that they are at the very top.

    As mentioned above, there are still some bonuses that you can get, which are usually in the form of bonus bets. These can be received through online promotion, social media, or the newsletter and be redeemed on the website. For free spins promotions we recommend to make Woo casino Australia login and check their welcome offer. Usually, bookmakers offer one ''free bet'' that is usually meant to be played as a single. For this bet, if you win you will receive your winnings, but if you lose you will get your money back, which is really enticing.

    Please take note that there are limits here that are common for Australian licensed betting sites, which indicate that you can't make sporadic bets that are not common to your previous behaviour. Additionally, if you have broken the Terms and Conditions prior you won’t be able to redeem the code.

    There isn’t an explicit loyalty program with TabTouch and all players are treated equally. Bonuses are usually given through social media without any preferential treatment and there isn’t a special number you can call if you are a high roller.

    That being said, customer support is very attentive and they will see your betting history when you contact them. In that regard, there is a chance that someone who is a proven high-quality customer would get a bit more leeway than someone just entering the platform, but that isn’t the official stance of the company.

    TabTouch Platform Usability

    All new online bookies Australia need to have good websites, and TabTouch is no different just because it has been here for a while. Both the desktop version of the website, the mobile version, and the iOS and Android apps are draped in very pleasant purple and are easy to see and navigate.

    The overall experience of the platform is very pleasurable, as all of the most popular games are front and centre, with the categories being both on the top and the side.

    Additionally, the TabTouch app download process is quite simple and easy to use. Apps can be found both on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. You will also find these apps prominent if you search the list of online bookmakers Australia.

    Once you select a game, you will see all of the betting options and you can start making the ticket at that moment. This is a common feature with Australian bookies and it is good to see it here as well.

    When talking about payment methods, a gambler has a lot of options at their disposal. You can fund deposits in TabTouch Bookmaker via MasterCard, Apple Pay, Paypal, VISA and Bpay. The minimum amount for deposit is 5 AUD and the maximum is 500 AUD for Visa and MasterCard, and 1000 for BPay.

    As for the withdrawal, they can be made via EFT. Two important things to know about withdrawal at TabTouch Bookmaker is that the processing takes 24 hours and there is no minimum nor maximum withdrawal limit set.

    TabTouch Application Download

    tabtouch mobile

    Most people who opt to bet online Australia style are looking into mobile options. And, although TabTouch has a version for mobile browsers that are exceptional, there are also apps for both iOS and Android.

    TabTouch on Android

    For Android, you can expect the app to take 13MB and to need a bit more space to operate. Anyone with a phone that has Android 5.0 or newer can play, which makes the platform very accessible as this version, called the Android Lollipop, came out back in 2014.

    TabTouch on IOS

    The Apple version is considerably heavier, as it holds more information even when you are offline. For your iPhone, you will need to sacrifice 125.5MB and to have iOS 10 or later on either iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can also play with a Mac, and for that, you will require at least the Apple M1 chip and the macOS 11.0 or later.

    Regretfully, the apple app is not as well rated as the Android one, as it tries to give out more features and thus makes the experience a bit more cluttered.

    Both apps are made in-house by Racing and Wagering Western Australia, which is the TAB-run studio. This is relatively rare for both the older licensed bookmakers Australia, and the new bookies Australia sees nowadays.


    There are a lot of tricks that Australian bookmakers try to do to prove that they are a reliable partner for people betting. For TabTouch this process is slightly easier because there aren’t many people still betting who remember the time before this operator was present.

    As a customer at Tabtouch, you have the ability to set limits on your bets. Additionally, just like with most of the new betting sites Australia, if you feel you have problems, you can consult confidential counselling and support. There is 24-hour phone support, so you can make an appointment anytime you feel it is right. The call is free - it is funded by the WA Problem Gambling Support Services Committee.

    At last, TabTouch customers have an option to choose to block credit card deposits made to their TAB account as well as block their whole account if they wish with immediate effect.

    Pros and Cons


    • Aussie-owned and run
    • Betting online and offline
    • A pleasant website and app experience
    • Excellent customer service


    • Relatively poor odds
    • A moderate game selection
    • A lot of legal restrictions
    • Few payment options


    How to register with TabTouch?

    You will need to go to the website and click the top right button that says "Sign Up". Once you go through the steps, you will be registered. The verification is an essential process at new Aussie bookies, and without confirming your identity you simply won’t be able to withdraw your winnings.

    How to bet on sports with TabTouch?

    Once you are registered, select any game and you will see the additional options. Fill them out and add them to your ticket. Once you have all of the games you want you can submit your ticket and the wager amount.

    Is it possible to watch live streams of matches at TabTouch?

    No. TabTouch doesn't offer a live stream of options that are native. But, it has an option to see live SKY Vision footage through the platform.

    How to get a bonus with TabTouch?

    Like some other new Australian bookmakers, TabTouch offers bonus games. You can get the code for these games on their Facebook, Twitter, or other social media, or ask for it via newsletter or customer support.

    Why is TabTouch not working?

    If you are outside of Australia, you won’t be able to connect to any of the TabTouch services. This is a necessity of bookmakers online Australia. If the servers are down on the TabTouch side, they will usually be back up within 15 minutes.