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    Through a ranking system and serious and consolidated standards, we make a point of evaluating the best authorized betting sites in Australia. This information will not only allow you to have access to the best bonuses, but also to the best conditions to make the best sports bets online.

    Updated: 2024-02-13

    In the broadest terms, FlexePIN is an online voucher payment system that allows anyone to pay for goods and services online. It works as a prepaid system so that you don’t need to share your credit card information with anyone you are buying online goods or services from.

    In general, FlexePIN provides three major advantages compared to purchases with regular credit cards or digital payment processors:

    • Greater security
    • Digital anonymity
    • Easier transfers

    All three are quite useful in everyday situations, especially with the rise in cybersecurity threats globally. With an online voucher, you don't need to give out your financial information to the online seller, keeping that part of your data private.

    Although transfers don’t have any direct advantage in the gaming industry, there are benefits this aspect brings in personal situations. Namely, with online shopping becoming more prevalent than physical purchases, gifting a voucher to children and friends can be more valuable than giving cash.

    And finally, for iGamers especially, to buy FlexePIN vouchers is a great way to ensure your gaming budget won’t be overspent. iGaming operators are known to make promotions to incite you to deposit more all the time, and with vouchers you will have one more wall to jump over to break your budget.

    What is FlexePIN?

    Although redeemable vouchers are far from being a new thing, FlexePIN brings that to a whole new level. Today, a voucher such as this is much more than a simple gift card. Not only can it be purchased online in several currencies, but there is also no requirement for it to be spent in the same currency it was purchased.

    And, unlike most payment processors, you don’t need an account with the company to have money with them. You get your redeemable code and the rest of your information is deleted, increasing your security drastically.

    In a cybersecurity sense, it simply severs the line between you and anything a hacker could get. This makes any service, including online betting and online gambling, very safe to use.

    The issue might exist with withdrawals because there is no personal FlexePIN account you could withdraw from. Rather, many casinos will offer you an opportunity to get a FlexePIN voucher back, which you can later redeem wherever you want.

    Who owns FlexePIN?

    FlexePIN is owned by Novatti, an Australian fintech company mostly focusing on designing fast and secure payment options for small and large businesses. With FlexePIN they are merging several of the technologies they have developed into a more rounded service.

    Novatti was founded in 2015 and has quickly grown to become one of the prime financial services providers in Australia. Also, they have been branching outwards and have opened their business to Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

    Because of their dedication and focus on customer data safety and anonymity, their entry into these markets was as easy legally as it was business-wise because the system already exceeds the requirements needed under laws like the GDPR.

    But, one of the greatest advantages and benefits of such a payment system is the fact that you don’t need digital payment options to be able to buy FlexePIN vouchers. Namely, FlexePIN allows in-person purchases up to $500 where aside from your ID you don’t need anything else and you get the code instantly.

    For both gaming, as well as gifts, or any other online service for that matter, such an option opens the market to a whole new section of players. Any that can't or doesn't want to have a credit card can use vouchers instead.

    Voucher-based methods of payment

    Paying with vouchers is nothing new. The original type of paper currency was vouchers issued by medieval European banks. Current FIAT money is little more than a voucher from the government that the bill in your hand is worth something.

    But, in a modern sense vouchers are a bit different. Current vouchers are used as both gift cards and online payment options for those who don’t have access to credit cards or online processing.

    This can be for a variety of reasons, and it is a bit of an irony that the most frequent users of vouchers are those that are not tech-savvy and those who are the most tech-savvy. The former do it because applying to online payment processors is too complex and it is easier to have help from your local shop.

    The latter, usually those who work in the tech industry, understand the issues with cybersecurity and cyber hygiene, meaning not leaving your personal information everywhere. They prefer paying for entertainment and similar services with vouchers simply because of the lack of trust in those online operators.

    In the middle, it is mostly people who use vouchers because they are convenient. Sending money through other channels can be troublesome depending on the law of the country. In some countries, regular online payment processors are not available. Here, it is easier to buy a voucher and send it to people in these countries than to go through regular channels.

    Best FlexePIN betting sites in Australia

    It is now a regular feature with betting sites in Australia that the best bookmakers when it comes to payment processing are also the best bookmakers overall. Because the Australian betting market is so competitive, the biggest players will always jump on new features as quickly as possible.

    With FlexePIN this move was even faster because it is an Australian company, meaning that local operators will be protected under Australian national laws and regulations. With the trust placed in the company and the fact that it will check if buyers are legal to gamble, there are no issues with the bookmakers.

    At the moment there are quite a bit of betting sites in Australia that accept FlexePIN as a method of payment. These operators include:

    • Neds
    • Bet365
    • BlueBet
    • Bookmaker

    All of these are solid options regardless of the payment method. Neds and Bet365 have a bit larger selection of games and options, but in many cases, you will find better odds with BlueBet and Bookmaker.

    While one you will choose is up to you. Thankfully, it is the player's market today when it comes to online sports betting in Australia, and you should have the options.

    How to deposit via FlexePIN?

    Depositing with FlexePIN is arguably easier than using a credit card and marginally more difficult than having PayPal's ''one-click pass'' installed. Provided that you already have a voucher, it should take more than a minute.

    Vouchers can be bought online or in-person in many stores across the world. The important part of the voucher is the personal identification number (PIN) that will disclose the value and validity of the voucher to the bookmakers.

    Also, you need to be restarted with the operator, at least to the point where your email and username are verified and you can access the payment menu. Once you log in, go to the deposit menu and select FlexePIN from the choices.

    When you have the method selected, you will be asked to type in the PIN and confirm the number. You don’t need to enter the amount as it will be included in the voucher. You can only use the entire voucher so be careful which one you are using.

    Once processed, the funds will appear in your gaming account and you will be able to play right away.

    How long do FlexePIN payments take?

    Because vouchers are already paid, the transfer to the account takes virtually no time. As soon as the operator can confirm the number of the voucher, which is all done digitally at the speed of light, you will see the funds in your account.

    This works because the top 10 bookmakers in Australia trust FlexePIN to pay them for the amount written on the voucher. Even though no money is changing hands at that very moment, you will be left to play while everything else is happening in the background.

    If there is an issue such as the FlexePIN voucher being stolen or reported as faulty, your account might be suspended and any bets you have made frozen. If that is the case, you will first need to show that you are the owner of the voucher before the service will resume.

    This isn’t done with the operator, but rather with the police and FlexePIN directly. When they confirm that everything is under regulation you will again be allowed to play.

    Deposit limits

    The deposit limits with FlexePIN are closely tied to the voucher cost. Take note that in some places there is a cap of $500 for the maximum voucher cost you can use, and that refers to the fee as well. This means that you won’t be able to use the $500 voucher there because with the fee the total cost of the voucher is more than the limit.

    Thus, the deposit limit for FlexePIN betting sites in Australia is AUD 500 while in Canada that is $300 Canadian.

    The minimal deposit is $20, as that is the smallest voucher available. It is not possible to split the cost and deposit only half of the voucher, but it is possible to use multiple consecutive vouchers.

    Additionally, there might be bookmakers that have their limits on how much you can deposit daily or monthly. Those limits are not set by either national legislation or FlexePIN but are a way for bookmakers to ensure sensible gambling on their website.

    Withdrawing from your betting account to FlexePIN

    This simply isn’t possible. Because the vouchers are for one use only, they become inactive once you use them and the same physical card isn’t worth anything after the PIN is used.

    Because of this, you can’t withdraw from your playing account to FlexePIN and should use alternative methods for regular withdrawals.

    In some cases, the operator will allow you to buy a FlexePIN voucher with your betting account, where you will be left with a new voucher that you can use elsewhere. In that case, you will be bound to withdraw a locked amount for the cost of the voucher.

    Before you start, you should ask your preferred operator if they offer such a service or if they need an alternative account where you may be able to withdraw your money. As it is not frequent and still under consideration in most places, you should be prepared for a negative response.

    Withdraw Fees

    As far as FlexePIN is concerned there are no withdrawal or deposit fees for the voucher. Their entire share is the fee you pay when buying the voucher. Also, they don’t offer banking services to withdraw the money, so that point is mute.

    For the operators that allow buying new vouchers, you will still be charged the same fee. Depending on the country and currency you are using, this fee can vary.

    The minimal withdrawal for virtually all bookmakers in Australia is $10, but if you are buying vouchers it will be $20 plus the convenience fee.


    Who accepts FlexePIN Australia?

    In Australia, you can use FlexePIN to purchase a wide range of goods and services, especially online. This is especially the case for entertainment such as online sports betting, where you can use FlexePIN on all of the best online sports betting websites.

    Where can I use FlexePIN UK?

    Similar to Australia, plenty of merchants in the UK accept FlexePIN for online purchases of goods and services. For sports betting, if you are over the age of 18, you will be able to use the voucher to deposit funds to any of the biggest bookmakers in the UK.

    What are the best live betting sites?

    The best live betting sites are those that offer good services, instant betting, and good customer support. While the top live betting sites might change, the best ones will always be those with a good app and increased accessibility.

    How do I buy a FlexePIN Voucher?

    FlexePIN vouchers are available in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the EU. You can buy your FlexePIN voucher online by visiting their new sports betting site or websites from one of the retailers. All major debit cards are accepted. Alternatively, you can use cash in one of the hundreds of in-person locations in all of these regions.