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MasterCard betting sites & bookmakers that accept MasterCard deposits

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    Meet our author
    Betting expert Elizabeth Winnie

    Through a ranking system and serious and consolidated standards, we make a point of evaluating the best authorized betting sites in Australia. This information will not only allow you to have access to the best bonuses, but also to the best conditions to make the best sports bets online.

    Thousands of Aussies choose Mastercard as their primary deposit option at the best bookies in Australia. So obviously we feel the need to discuss what Mastercard actually is and why it is so popular. After reading this article, you will eventually decide whether this payment option at the newest sports betting sites is good enough for you.

    With the help of a credit card, it is possible to pay globally, make purchases on the Internet or withdraw money. The best-known provider in the credit card market is by far Mastercard, which serves around 75% of all customers. The credit card issuers are mostly banks. They receive an issuing licence from the respective providers and determine the conditions of credit card use. In the case of a "real credit card," the banks grant their customers an individual monthly credit line. This is debited in full or in instalments from the checking account at the end or beginning of the next month.

    Payments and withdrawals are made possible using a credit limit on Mastercard credit cards. This is one of the reasons why there are so many MasterCard betting sites. These cards are not necessarily linked to a checking account. All transactions are booked via a credit card settlement account and the remaining card limit is managed. Open card balances can be repaid monthly in full or in instalments.

    What is MasterCard?

    MasterCard is a U.S. financial group that offers numerous methods and cards for cashless payment in global commerce. The public limited company with headquarters in Purchase is the largest international provider of debit and credit cards alongside VISA. The company's best-known products are the card of the same name and the Maestro electronic payment system.

    Despite the similarities, there are differences between debit cards and credit cards. After all, both variants are offered by MasterCard. Namely, the account in the bank or savings bank is debited once a month, which is considered to be a collected issue amount. However, this is not considered a direct debit. Credit cards provided by MasterCard can be used for payments at over 53 million different points of acceptance globally. You can also pay contactless in online stores. Those credit cards can also be saved in the wallet of your smartphone and thus be used for payments with the cell phone or smartwatch or for the payment of digital subscriptions.

    Recently, most banks and savings banks also issue a debit Mastercard, where payment is also debited directly from the account. In comparison with a normal bank card, however, it offers multiple services, since the card is integrated with the same systems as a credit card by MasterCard. Therefore, the Debit Mastercard can also be used for online shopping as well as when travelling abroad. Consumers can use the Debit Mastercard to make contactless payments in stores worldwide. A smartphone or smartwatch can also be used to make payments with the Debit Mastercard.

    It is only necessary to store card information once for Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any other mobile payment solution provided by a bank or savings bank. The service also offers withdrawal of money from ATMs in Australia and abroad. Therefore, the Debit MasterCard is a card that combines the benefits of a debit card with those of a credit card: cost control and online payments, as well as a global acceptance previously only associated with credit cards.

    Who owns MasterCard?

    Mastercard Europe SA, headquartered in Purchase, Harrison, New York, United States, is also responsible for the Australian region. They may have special relations with corporate bookies Australia as they are among biggest clients. It is a subsidiary of Mastercard Incorporated, which in turn is the holding company of Mastercard Worldwide. Mastercard Inc. is a private corporation under U.S. law with reporting to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC; U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission).

    Several U.S. banks issued specially created papers to their customers in the late 1940s that could be used as cash in stores, which were based locally. Franchise groups developed over the next decade. These involved a bank in each major American city that accepted the cards as payment from certain selected merchants. The Interbank Card Association (ICA) was formed in 1966 as part of this effort. Later, the company became MasterCard International.

    Best MasterCard betting sites in Australia

    Are you looking for the best sports betting sites with credit cards? When you bet, you don't settle for mediocrity? And when depositing and withdrawing money from your bookmaker, do you prefer to bet with a credit card?

    We do not only present you the best betting providers with credit cards. We also explain in detail which advantages and disadvantages you can expect when betting with a credit card and which useful alternatives there are. Take 2 minutes to read our guide and learn how to safely and efficiently deposit and withdraw money from sports betting with a credit card:

    • PLAYUP
    • WinnersBet
    • Bet365
    • Moneyball
    • Dabble
    • TopSport
    • BoomBet

    Sportsbooks that accept credit cards

    The credit card is not only extremely popular in everyday life, but is also often used for sports betting. Especially the familiarity and availability of sports betting with credit cards.

    Most people already own a credit card and can access it quite quickly for sports betting as well. The same applies to familiarity. Names like Mastercard, American Express or Visa are positively associated with many people and stand for security and reliability.

    Another reason to consider these sports betting payment options is the simplicity of using a credit card. There are numerous betting providers with credit cards, where you can make deposits and withdrawals via your card. When using a credit card, however, you should always check whether additional fees are due for certain transactions. Here you will find the best online betting Australia providers with credit cards, where you can also get strong bonus promotions by making a deposit:

    • Palmerbet
    • Unibet
    • Robet247
    • Sportaza

    The other example may be Woo casino bonus.

    How to deposit by MasterCard

    To ensure that payments are safe not only in the store but also online, you should always have an up-to-date antivirus program installed on your computer. Malicious software often gets onto your computer, especially via spam emails.

    If you’ve decided to choose Mastercard in order to deposit at online bookmakers Australia, there are particular steps you need to follow:

    1. Sign up in the chosen sportsbook
    2. Provide the needed personal info (such as name, email, address etc.) and verify your account
    3. Choose Mastercard deposit option in the Cashier section on the website
    4. Provide info on your Mastercard (account number, as well as CVC code and expiration date)
    5. Choose how much money you’d like to deposit into your account, and then authorise the payment

    How long do MasterCard payments take

    The answer usually varies. However, it usually takes an average of two banking days from the transaction date for the money to be posted to your account. In other words, a payment you received on Wednesday should show up on your account on Friday. Consequently, transactions made on Thursday will be paid on Monday and on Friday on Tuesday according to the same principle. Transactions that take place on Saturday and Sunday are often not registered until Monday, which means that they will be paid to you on Wednesday.

    Deposit Limits

    You can see the amount of your credit card limit on the letter with which you received your credit card and on each of your credit card statements or in online banking. Your actual spending limit is the sum of any available credit, transactions already made since the last statement, and your established limit on the credit card account. The only relevant credit balance on your credit card account is if you use your credit card on a credit basis. This also ensures your security when using MasterCard.

    Withdrawing from your betting account to MasterCard

    In order to make a withdrawal via MasterCard from a sportsbook, you only need to follow a few easy steps. Basically, the process is similar to that for deposits. Thus, some specific data, such as the expiration date of the credit card, as well as the security code are required before you can initiate a payout. This means that you first have to login into your account at the respected MasterCard betting sites. After that, you go to your account, and select withdrawal. When this is done, you can select the payment methods from a menu, and you have to find the MasterCard payment method. After selecting it and entering the security code and expiration date, you are good to go and the withdrawal will be issued to you. Simple as that!

    What one should always keep in mind when choosing a bookie is that even nowadays many sportsbooks don’t offer Mastercard as a withdrawal option (even despite the fact that it is a quite popular deposit option). In most cases, the only way to withdraw the winnings is to use your e-wallet profile.

    In any case, you should check if MasterCard payouts are possible before proceeding. If this is the case, you can easily initiate the payout on the sports betting provider's site. Once you have done this, the usual processing time of the banks kicks in again.


    Do you want to acquire a credit card? Then you should know possible fees and costs. For example, did you know that you always pay for free with a credit card? And how does that affect MasterCard betting sites?

    You may now be asking yourself whether you really always pay by credit card free of charge in practice. Accordingly, the answer is still no, since it depends a bit on the merchant, regardless of any other credit card fees. In Australia, there are still a few online merchants that charge an additional fee for payment with a credit card. The fee is either a percentage or a flat rate.

    Although you can almost always pay for things for free with a credit card, the banks still take money from you, of course. With a little skill, it is possible to find a card that is completely free of charge for you. However, you will have to get around a few hurdles.


    Can you gamble on MasterCard?

    Gambling is now also possible via MasterCard. Numerous gambling providers offer this type of payment method on their sites. You can use both debit/credit Mastercard cards in order to make a deposit. If you’ve already chosen a bookie, you can look up the payment options either at the bottom of the home page or in T&C.

    Does MasterCard allow online gambling?

    Yes, gambling by MasterCard is possible. Not all but most platforms offer you the possibility for deposits and withdrawals via MasterCard. Unfortunately, quite a lot of bookies do not offer Mastercard as an option for withdrawal.

    Can I bet with my credit card?

    Placing bets by credit card is definitely possible. Not directly via the card, but as a deposit and withdrawal option with certain sports betting providers.

    What online casino accepts MasterCard?

    There are different online casinos that offer MasterCard. There are numerous listings for this. The info on whether the website supports Mastercard both for deposits as well as withdrawals is usually given in the bottom of the home page or in the Terms & Conditions section.

    What is a play card MasterCard?

    Online gambling and sports betting are the main uses of MasterCard's Playcard prepaid debit card. This Playcard is prepaid, which is why you have to load it up first before you can actually start using it.