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Private bookmakers in Australia 2023

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Table of contents
    Meet our author
    Betting expert Elizabeth Winnie

    Through a ranking system and serious and consolidated standards, we make a point of evaluating the best authorized betting sites in Australia. This information will not only allow you to have access to the best bonuses, but also to the best conditions to make the best sports bets online.

    What is a Private Bookmaker?

    The betting world is much broader than many people think. When thinking about wagering, the first thing that comes to your mind is betting online on one of many reputable betting sites. The process is quite simple. You pick one of the reputable online sportsbooks, create an account, make a deposit, and start placing bets on horse racing, cricket, football, or any other sports you prefer.

    There are many betting options offered by regular providers. You can choose a site based on various factors, from reputation and offered online sports to betting odds. When betting online, you can choose between multiple sporting events and enjoy live betting.

    It seems that the popularity of sports betting providers keeps increasing. But are these the only options, or is there more? There are a lot more! There are different types of bookmakers in Australia, including phone betting services, retail bookmakers, and casino sportsbooks. That’s not all. There are private bookmakers as well, another bookmaker type that draws special attention because it differs from all the other available options.

    What is a private bookmaker? How does it operate? Private bookmakers Australia operate by accepting new customers from existing ones on the recommendation. It means that private bookmakers tend to keep the circle of operation closed. Entering that circle isn’t as simple as choosing one of the usual online betting options.

    When betting on regular sites, you don’t need any referral. Everything is transparent. You can pick the option you like the most and start the journey. But private bookmakers are called private for a reason. Everything is entirely different, especially the wagering system.

    Placing bets on regular betting sites is simple. You are wagering with the money you previously added to your account. No provider will allow you to bet on credit, and the private bookmakers Australia will enable you to do just that. The entire system is based on credit trading. There is a trust system that each client uses when placing the bets.

    The private bookie world is entirely different from the wagering world regular punters know and use. At the top of it, finding information on private bookmakers Australia is anything but simple.

    Private Bookmaker Australia legality

    When discussing private bookmakers Australia, some of the questions that come up are: Are these bookmakers legal? Do they have the required license to operate legally? Are they regulated?

    The question differs, and it all depends on the bookmaker in question. Most private bookmakers operate legally and own the required licenses to do so. On the other hand, some bookies are on the opposite side. They aren’t providing legal sports betting services, and they do not possess the required licenses.

    Naturally, betting at illegal venues is risky and legal bookmarkers are safer. Here is a complete overview of reasons to use a legit bookie:

    • Better chances of winning payouts. If the bookmaker is legal, they need to follow the laws, and that includes paying out the winnings regularly. If they refuse, you might be able to use legal mechanisms to request a payment.
    • Everything is transparent. An illegal bookie might give you tempting odds for an event at first. But once you decide to place a wager, they change their story and lower a potential payment. With legit bookies, you can always rely on the law when defending your rights on the bookmakers’ website. Thus, even if you experience potential fraud, you can be completely sure that all of your winnings will be paid to you.
    • They stick to responsible gambling rules. Illegal bookies won't warn you even if they detect you have a gambling problem. The majority will continue taking your money until you are bankrupt. Legal bookmarkers need to stick to responsible gambling rules. These include adding such tools as self-exclusion, time limits, permanent closure of the player’s account, time limits and others.

    Private bookmakers are hard to find, but not just that. They are incredibly picky, and not every betting enthusiast can enter their circle. These bookies choose their clients with extreme care. Plus, finding information on these new AUS bookmakers is tricky, to say the least. At the end of the day, you may still wonder whether the bookie offers legal sports betting services or not.

    More and more countries have become open to the gambling business, including private bookmakers. Many US states have adjusted their laws to regulate sports betting, and even some African countries have relaxed their gambling legislation.

    Australia requires an interactive gaming provider to acquire a license. It's easy to check that by accessing the Register of licensed providers and on-course bookmakers.

    Private bookmakers pay taxes in countries where they work. Depending on the regulations, the player might be subject to taxes, too. Governments apply taxes on gambling activities to increase their revenue. That's how private bookmakers help the overall country's economy. A regulated market can also secure new jobs for people who want to seek employment in this industry.

    Private Bookmaker Australia and offered sports to bet on

    Finding any factual information on private bookmakers Australia even on the World Wide Web is pretty complicated. They have chosen to remain private. Finding any details about their betting services and operations is practically impossible unless you are one of their clients and a member of a pretty closed circle.

    In most cases, every private bookie offers different sports to bet on. Some focus on one sport only. For example, horse racing is one of the oldest and most popular sports in Australia. With that said, it's no wonder many bookies offer this sport over the others. Some bookmakers may offer football betting. Then again, some can offer a variety of options, from horse racing to cricket, rugby, and football betting. It all comes down to a specific bookie.

    Getting the correct and 100% accurate information about offered sporting events is possible if the bookie decides to accept you as a client and deal with you.

    What makes Private Bookmakers different from other types of bookies?

    Many things make private bookmakers Australia different from all the others. A private bookie only deals with a limited number of clients. They often choose new ones only based on referrals from existing customers.

    That's why these bookies are considered exclusive. Many people like to feel special and be a part of a closed group that uses the services of a particular bookmaker. Additionally, those bookies should go the extra mile to offer premium quality service to their customers, such as being able to wager anytime, etc.

    These bookies are considered an excellent option for all high-stake customers. You can place bets that require vast amounts of money. That’s not the option if you choose a regular bookmaker.

    If you are a high-stake punter and want to enjoy the customer service that’s more personal and way more exclusive, finding a private bookie is the answer. They offer customer support that’s like no other. Their customer base isn’t extensive, and they can dedicate enough time and attention to each client.

    Another difference is the selection of sporting events you can bet on. Some bookies will focus on one sport and one market, while others can offer a variety of options. It all varies and depends on the bookmaker in question.

    How to place bets with Private Bookmakers?

    If one of the clients of the private bookie referred you, and you managed to enter the private bookmakers Australia world, be ready to the fact that placing the bets won't look like the usual betting activity you are used to.

    First, the system of private betting is based on credits. You will be using a trust system like the other customers. You'll get in touch with your bookmaker and share betting details. For example, you'll tell the bookmaker which sports event you are betting on and the amount of cash that you wish to invest.

    Depending on the bookie, the bookmaker will put together all the clients' bets every week or month. You'll get the money via bank transfer or check if there's a profit. On the other hand, if there's a loss instead of gain, you'll have to recoup the sum you own to the bookie. That’s actually the basic set of steps. But, keep in mind that these may differ. It all depends on the bookmaker. So the only thing is to find the venture that will accept you and then dive into this unusual betting experience. You can either consult the fellow bettors or post an inquiry in the net - perhaps, you’ll get lucky.

    As you can see, the process is entirely different and more complex than the one on best Australian bookies. Online sportsbooks don’t allow their clients to gamble on credit. You can bet with the money you previously deposited to the site. If your bet is a winning one, you’ll get the cash. If that isn’t the case, you’ll lose the money. It's as simple as that.

    Do all the customers have the same credit level?

    When you become a part of the private bookmakers Australia world, you’ll notice that every client has a different credit level. The bookies use various methods to determine the credit level of each client.

    For example, the number one thing bookmakers will consider is the reputation of the customer that recommended the new client. Still, that’s not the only point to take into account. Other things are the stakes a client in question requires, how often the customer contacts the bookie to place bets, and so on.

    The credit level may not be high at the beginning. After all, the bookmaker needs to make sure the new client is worth the trust. Once the bookie sees the client is reliable, the credit level will go up.

    Private bookmaker Australia Pros and Cons

    Every private bookmaker in Australia has a set of advantages and disadvantages. They do not represent an ideal betting solution, but they could be a perfect one for some punters. It all depends on the specific bettor. Every punter has a different budget and set of betting preferences. For some, the traditional bookies or online betting sites are the option to go for. For others, a private bookmaker is an answer.


    • Private bookies allow you to bet on a credit
    • They are a fantastic option for high-stake customers
    • These bookies provide a more personal customer service
    • They are perfect for all the clients looking for exclusiveness


    • The selection of sporting events can be limited
    • There are many private bookies that aren’t operating legally
    • Finding accurate information about these bookmakers is extremely difficult

    What should we opt for?

    The betting world is everything but small. There are different types of bookmakers in it. Private bookmakers can be pretty attractive to some punters, especially the ones with big budgets. They differ from other bookies in many ways. First, as the name suggests, they are private, and their circle of customers and services is closed. Becoming the client is possible only over a referral from one of the existing clients.

    What’s more, the clients bet on credit, and the entire wagering process is a bit more complex. Every customer has its own credit level that will change over time. It will increase only when the client proves its reliability.

    Private bookmakers Australia are great for those who want to experience high-stake betting and have the budget that allows them to do so. In addition, these bookies offer more personal customer service, which is another benefit. If you are looking for a closed betting circle and a provider that doesn’t have too many customers, this can be the answer.